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Twins'R'Okay submitted a new resource:

Encore Mode - A harder campaign and a remixed lives system. Only one question remains, are you up 2 it?

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Coming straight from Sonic Mania Plus, is Encore Mode. An alternative gametype that aims to recreate the titular mode with a few enhancements and compatibility for mods & level packs.

This mod comes in two parts: The script and the level pack. Both must be added if you want the True Encore Experienceβ„’, otherwise you can have one or the other. :threat:



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my favorite sonic character is knuckles!!!!!!!!
this very awesome and epic 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


first off, this mod appears to apply a colormap to every level; this may or may not be bad for netgames, and I am NOT saying that these should be removed for netgames
though it would be nice if the colormaps get flagged with flag 12 if they aren't already flagged as such

As I was playing through this mod as Sonic without the encore part of the mod, I went through the levels and stocked up on extra lives and took some notes about criticisms with this mod
I beat the mod with over 70 lives and got no game overs

granted, I really should've also been using the encore part of the mod; I died several times throughout the mod, but about half of the deaths were due to doing dumb stuff like going backwards on the top of the first polyobject section in CEZ2 to get the monitors on the ledge
but I would've had alot less deaths if I had access to tails, knuckles, or metal sonic
and there definitely wasn't anything in this mod, excluding special stages, that look like they were ripped from a kaizo hack

because I didn't use the character-swapping part of the encore mode; that is, I only loaded the level pack, I won't give this mod a rating since it wouldn't be fair
if I did, however, then it'd be 3/5 stars

also, if a more ordinary player were playing this, that player would've died a whole lot more than I did

anyway, the criticisms:
-some hazards in NiGHTS stages expect you to know the level layout ahead of time; this is bad level design when you can't see the hazards ahead of time, but it's also forgivable to an extent because there isn't much that you can do to make NiGHTS stages harder without doing this other than decreasing the time limit and increasing the sphere requirement, both of which were done to the mod
in fact, after having experienced that in special stage #2, I'd unironically became wary of troll hazards for a while as if I was playing Super Mario Maker 2

-I sort of question if being able to fall off of the platforms in DSZ3 makes the level harder; I'd say you should at least make it deeper and put some kinda platforming challenge down there that you probably won't skip by accident by just falling down there, such as a non-limp spring chain

-theres' missed opportunities in ACZ1 to make the last hangrail section harder by putting spikeballs beneath some hangrails and expecting players to jump over them, like earlier in the level

-theres' missed opportunities for at least the southern minecart section in ACZ2 since it seems exactly the same as before; I'd say that every minecart section should have an easily-noticeable difference from vanilla

-some spindash spring chains, at least in THZ1 and ACZ2, defy the player's intuition by having the ends be replaced with spikes, which cause the player to have to assess the situation at an unrealistically-high speed(at least compared to how hard the surrounding levels are), causing the player to be caught off-guard if the player intuitively spindashes into a spring to begin the chain

-it seems like the 2nd part of the last minecart section of ACZ2 is... easier, than in vanilla; this is in reference to a part before you get indoors

-ACZ3 may or may not be exactly the same aside from the visuals; though making slight changes to ACZ3 can cause macs to crash in this level for some reason, you could've at least given fang more hp or changed his Damage in his object definitions to make phase 2 start earlier... speaking of which, you may want to ask Weegs if ACZ3 crashes for him upon level load though it's just a mac bug so it ain't so bad if it does

-the spikebombs being attracted by magnet shields make getting magnet/electric shields in levels after ACZ2 be something that the player will be wary of until the player beats the campaign; for example, after I got a magnet shield in ERZ1 after the laser puzzle section before the conveyor belt section, I'd immediately dumped it on the spincushion to prevent spikebombs from getting attracted to me during the conveyor belt section that'd knock me off of the conveyor belts... and then there weren't even any spikebombs in there

-maaaaybe get rid of the flame shield & elemental shield in RVZ, replacing the elemental shield with a golden invincibility monitor, and the flame shield with a force shield; after I'd gotten the secret flame shield in RVZ where a token had used to be, the level was basically over and I never even took damage

-I question if BCZ2 was different than it is in vanilla aside from its' visuals; I think metal sonic's phase 2 may or may not have him bonk around faster, but I'm not entirely sure
I'd say it should be changed in a way that's a bit more obvious; maybe a few squares of electric floor could be placed in the level?

-the 2nd extras checklist item needs to wrap around to all fit on the screen at once, but it doesn't wrap around, causing a number of characters to not be visible to the player

now, some commentary that doesn't criticize the mod:
the method in which you increase the difficulty of the stages seems somewhat uniform; for all but a few non-boss stages, the difficulty was increased by approximately 1 zone's worth of difficulty
so like, GFZ was as hard as vanilla THZ, DSZ was as hard as vanilla CEZ, ACZ was as hard as vanilla RVZ, and etc.

I liked how ERZ2 includes sections that existed in earlier versions of SRB2

that all said, I'd hope that the criticisms of mine that can easily be addressed are addressed by the next version of this mod, and I hope that this mod gets an average of at least 3.5 stars

for a more detailed criticism of this mod, you may, if you wish, view this full playthrough of the mod(level pack only) as Sonic, here wherein I'd needlessly made some comparisons to my own mod that I shouldn't have made:
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again, if a more ordinary player were playing this, that player would've died a whole lot more than I did
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The fact that the second character is a solid object meaning Fang's cork gun gets blocked by them is so annoying, and just makes me not wanna use him, at all. But other than that, I'm having a very fun time, no save though. Sad. Fix up these 2 problems, I'll rate this mod pretty high


Seems you can softlock in ERZ1 if you have fang

Also there are specific characters paths that can lead you to a checkpoint and still requires to uses their specific abilities, so if die with that charcter and swap with one who cannot do those abilities, you're pretty much dead
An exemple (cheats used):


This is what happened on my 1st playthrough, i picked the spin charcter path and after a few deaths i ended up with only fang on this section

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Regarding the danger of loading too many skins, even if it doesn't exceed the hardcoded skinlimit;

What is the safe "maximum" number of skins i can load with the Encore mode? Wanna try to hoard up as many characters as the game (and addon) can handle without breaking apart.
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Regarding the danger of loading too many skins, even if it doesn't exceed the hardcoded skinlimit;

What is the safe "maximum" number of skins i can load with the Encore mode? Wanna try to hoard up as many characters as the game (and addon) can handle without breaking apart.
On his computer, Twins said he was able to load up 11 (including vanilla) before the game got fucked.


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So, I've found some tokens and I might as well make a checklist/location guide for them.
Now, I wanted to do this with just the Vanilla cast, but since most of the tokens are hard to find, I needed the help of a certain treasure hunting bat.
I'll update it if I find more tokens, or if someone finds a tokens location.

GFZ1E - 2 Tokens
1. That fence with rings in it above the Armageddon Shield cage. Where a 1up used to be. [βœ“]
2. GFZ1 Heart Emblem Location [βœ“]

GFZ2E - 3 Tokens
1. GFZ2 Spade Emblem Location [βœ“]
2. GFZ2 Star Emblem Location [βœ“]
3. GFZ2 Clover Emblem Location [βœ“]

THZ1E - 2 Tokens
1. At the beginning of the stage, there is waterfall of goop. As Tails, fly up above it and drop down. As Knuckles, glide into a section of the wall near it and climb down. Use the goops momentum to get the token. [βœ“]
2. THZ1 Spade Emblem Location [βœ“]

THZ2E - 5 Tokens
1. THZ2 Spade Emblem Location [βœ“]
2. As Knuckles, go down the goop that starts the Sonic route until you exit it. Then, grab the Bubble/Elemental Shield (if it is one.) next to the harming goop. Go down it, spring up, and enter the Knuckles path. Go through it, while keeping the shield, until you get to the bridge with Spring Shells before the laser section. Go into the goop under the bridge to get it. You'll find an Invincibility Monitor too! [βœ“]
3. After exiting the goop pool at the beginning of the piston path, get on the Eggman crate to the right. There should be a discolored wall nearby, spin into it and go down the tunnel. [βœ“]
4. When you get to the pistons, go into the goop with a Bubble/Elemental shield. It's across from the yellow springs [βœ“]
5. THZ2 Heart Emblem Location [βœ“]
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Twins'R'Okay updated Encore Mode with a new update entry:

big fix energy

Glad people are enjoying this lmfoa

Here comes an update for both the script and the level pack that includes some experimental stuff.

* Fixed an issue where you could switch characters after death
+ Added support for characters that have no life icon.
(this means you can use xmomentum with encore mode now without summoning the microwaveβ„’)

* Fixed MP Special Stages not being in the MainCFG
* Fixed a myriad of softlocks in ERZ1E, primarily ones that tall people...

Read the rest of this update entry...
I thought I might want to share this as it's quite interesting. I'm currently on the ceiling...without holding jump. At the beginning of this zone (I forgot the name of it, but it's the first act) I went back to that corner on the very steep hill hit a question mark box and had knuckles on the ground and espio on the ceiling (as I was using espio to get there) I decided to switch to espio and it kept me on the ceiling. Luckily, since I was espio, I decided to traverse through the level like this. I did so until I got to the springs of the (non optional) underwater route of the left path and lost my rings. I took a screenshot thinking this might be important to share if anyone wants to try going through levels on the ceiling and is able to reproduce this. All this to say, I am having a lot of fun with this mode.


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I AM PLAYING THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WITH THE MANIA BOIS!(Sonic{with classic abilities}, Tails, Knuckles, SSNMighty, and Ray)
And thanks for the video tutorial on how to beat Egg Satellite in Encore Mode. I've gotten better at the Special Stages after learning some tricks, and I've now managed to beat Egg Satellite normally! (But Encore Mode's gonna be a chore...)

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Also, a feature request i would like to be added:

I would like to have the possibility to rebind the change character action to something else than Custom3 (for example, to Next or Prev Weapon, like how BuddyEx does it) via a console variable, as some custom characters have Custom3 binded to some custom action unique to that character (for example, the entire cast of TeamKinetic have Custom3 as their taunt, and from my experience, the same button is also the only way to get out of the taunt state for those characters), making both character switch and the custom action happen in that order.

Thank you for the mod, though! Loving it, it's super fun!


I have played this level pack and I am amazed. But I would honestly suggest a few things.

1. Deep Sea Act 1 walls seem to have the regular texture they have in the vanilla levels, while everything else is blue. But then in Act 2, it looks like those same textures look blue as they should be. It could be nice if that could be fixed.

2. Maybe changing the lighting color for Egg Rock Zone. I feel like the change of lighting feels kinda off since in space the lighting shouldn't really change. Maybe instead of changing the lighting, the textures could be changed a little.

3. In Castle Eggman Zone 1&2, I would suggest making the levels seem like it was daytime. Since the Encore looks almost identical to the original one but just a little darker. Maybe a daytime kind of theme could look nice.

4. And last, I suggest that Techno Hill Zone Act 2 instead of changing to dark and rain, it could stay as daytime. Since it looks kinda weird that it suddenly changes to dark when it was daytime in Act 1.

But maybe I am just nitpicking here. I really enjoyed playing this level pack and the encore mechanic. Congrats to the team behind it!
I would want to suggest a few things to be fixed here.
1. Why is everyone unlocked from the start? Amy, I understand, because you can't unlock FHZ, but Fang and Metal should remain as unlockables.
2. Some palettes don't really make sense. I love the homage to SRB2 2.0 and before in THZ1, but skipping straight to dark and rainy is weird. At the very least, make it bright so it would make sense.
3. My hopes of playing as the Mania bois only are shattered because the unlockable characters are available from the f**king start, defeating the purpose of both unlockables AND my original intensions.
But even with those things, this is a very solid level pack and I would definitely recommend trying it out. Also, @MrSolipanto, Castle Eggman was set at night because Deep Sea Zone takes place at sunset, and having Castle Eggman set at day afterwards is a little inconsistent.


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Continuing from my review; there are a couple issues with the script AND the level pack:

  • If you switch off to your partner while Super and the partner can't turn Super, they will promptly cancel your Super form, but not completely: the Super theme still plays regardless of your Ring count, and any shields you got while Super will not be drawn but are still active.
  • There's an exploit where you can retry a stage while dying to keep the character you died as in your party.
  • Wherith the Thokith is the level select?
  • Also, the hint for unlocking Pandora's Box is actually too long, reading in-game as "Beat Encore Mode with All Emeralds or :" instead of the intended "Beat Encore Mode with All Emeralds or in Ultimate Mode."
  • And of course, you can get stuck in some of the Special stages - most notably in Flooded Cove if you're not careful with the spikes.

Aside from that, again - Encore is Awesome.
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