Quick hotfix for battle.
  • Eggman can now Egg Burst while using a shield.
  • Removed deploy sound from RC Missile due to being reported as annoying.
  • Cool!
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So uh, yeah! CyanKnight has been working extensively on giving Eggpack proper Battlemod support, and after a lot of testing, he's ready to roll!

Miss Tails' old Battlemod Ability? Well, Eggman's got you covered!


Launch a remote controlled badnik to attack your enemies! By holding down Fire, you can control where your companion goes!
But that's not all, due to his uh... particular weight, landing on top of your foes will spike 'em, sending them to their doom! His jetpack's exhaust also deals damage, so strike from above and dominate the playing field with your trusty toys!

Again, thank you for the surprise update, Cyan. I really appreciate that people wanted to play as this guy in Battle haha. And of course, credit goes to Cobalt for the original ability and CyanKnight for the major tweaks it got, as well as everyone who's been testing this guy around in the MS.