Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer)

Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer) 1.2.2

Fantastic work!
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Honestly... It's just Eggman, theres nothing I can really say about that. Though what I can say is that it doesn't really solve the shield ability problem that Eggman had, I would prefer to use the rocket boost instead of the shields. If you can remove her sheild ability, or combine the ability with the rocket boost that would be good. Her battle ability is fair, easily being able to take down Tails/Amy Doll but it takes time to do so which gives her the perfect time to strike.
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She as fast as Eggman
She got the same attribute as Eggman
its Eggman
BUT she do jump higher and dont have a super form so like
dont do gethityoudie because you will jut die
also a dilla to dodge using shields... just do the dash on the ground mate
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Cute but evil, I like this style of character! Looks cool.
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Y'know typically I don't care for echo chars but... I can't deny it the sprite work is amazing
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it is cool in a way but is a resprited version of eggman, BUT the sprites are good! so i wanna do 3 and 1/2 stars but i can't so here have 4 stars
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one word, your mod is ... Awesome !! I was fed up that Eggette was ONLY in the fangame but in SRB2, OUUUUAA !!
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Frankly, this is literally just an Eggman reskin, but that can be changed. I would modify the eggette boost (maybe, instead of using all fuel she uses some but has a shorter boost, or maybe it moves vertically) and make her fly and turn faster, but give her less fuel than Eggpack.

Also I think there's a distinct lack of memes you might wanna change that.
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This mod is amazing
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I Like This Mod! Although Im The Eggette Main! (Battlemod Mainer)
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