E-102 Gamma

[Open Assets] E-102 Gamma 1.3

First of all, sorry for being dumb
Second, this mod is just fuckin perfect
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First and foremost, the way the sprites are done is a really neat idea, but I think this does affect performance just a bit. I do play on Android, so perhaps it's not that bad on PC and this is just a nitpick, but I still feel that at least a bit more optimization could help.

I do like the time limit challenge it gives, since it's a nice change of pace to the base game, but at the cost of bosses? Not so much. The bosses are pitifully easy when you have homing shots, which are understandable for normal levels so that you can focus on going faster and not have to slow down to aim, but the bosses using this same logic makes them extremely disappointing. Personally, I would have made bosses remove your homing shots to force you to aim, granting you 2 extra seconds with every successful hit but penalizing 1 second for every miss.

I also love that you play as the Flicky inside Gamma for the special stages. That's honestly adorable. It *does* make certain parts a bit harder to hit because of your vastly smaller hitbox, though.

Overall, really nice mod. There's some things that I think make it either disappointing or boring at points, but that's not that awful enough so as to deduct more than one star.
SRB2 doesn't take away Fang's gun just because he's in a boss. Not interested in changing bosses in a way that is completely unfaithful to how the rest of the mod works and how SA1 itself works.
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Nothing to really complain about this mod tbh. It's just perfect. He plays exactly like how he does in Sonic Adventure. You can't improve on what was already peak lmao. E-102 just needed a better playground to play in and SRB2's level design makes him fit in so well. I feel so powerful homing in on enemies and destroying them so effortlessly. I also love the fact that he's pre-rendered. The sprites add a lot of charm to him. I hope it becomes a trend that robot characters are pre-renders with 16 sprite rotations while organic characters are fully sprited with 8 sprite rotations. Another awesome character to add into my character randomizer rotation!
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I love that mod,i finally can play as my favourite character,that hasn't changed at all from his appearance in Adventure.
Only problem that i had was Metal Sonic race,but that's probably skill issue.
Perfect mod.
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The mod is really great! I played Sonic Adventure since my childhood and I at least managed to have all the Shoot 'em Up experience that Gamma can bring, the only thing I miss about this mod's the lack of 2-D sprites.
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Well i'll mort waited modern Amy from adventures
But gamma too funny character.
Move set: are good
Sprites: GROOVY!
Sometimes I even think that it is made of voxels.

Else I like one tiny detail with flowers from THZ.

One minus:
But my pc else from 2009 and i think it's only my trouble
You should not lag, I hope.
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Great mod, the amount of spritework you put into this was amazing and it pays off really well. He really does feel exactly like gamma. the only thing i could possibly want is the option to turn off the timer, just in case maybe you want a more relaxed gamma runtime. (or in case the level isnt quite so kind with how objects are placed, algorithm or not.)
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it lags when in third person.
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Thanks for making my dreams come true man
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A beautiful mod that I wish had a 3d model for it
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I honestly thought this was 3D for a second, you sir, are a true american hero!
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I actually remember when this was shadow-revealed in the #srb2-media channel on the Discord. I spent so long trying to find the gif this was shown in. I *suppose* this is the next best thing.

I love how it makes such great use of multiple sprites to make up the character. Tails Doll did a similar thing and that was great too. The gameplay is also very loyal to Sonic Adventure.
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i love this. 16 angles on every sprite and puppet style character which makes an illusion of a 3d model
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This is impressive on all levels, sprites, gameplay and even cosmetics.
Good job on this.
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Y'know i'm mostly meh on pre-rendered mods because of style clashing-
Having all of their mechanics such as the timer and lock-on elements right from SA1 and I love that without having to sob at the ending of the game!
(I also love that little Sonic Shuffle+Snap reference lol)
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This is actually great. Can’t wait for it to get on the featured list!!!!
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He plays EXACTLY like in Sonic Adventure, timer and all. And, to be honest, he doesn't need much more than that! Easily mauling through bosses, mowing every enemy in sight, and pretending to be Dynamite Fucking Anton after getting all 7 Chaos Emeralds is the playstyle every Gamma enjoyer loves. Including myself!
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I only have to say one thing, you really nailed it with translating his moveset into SRB2

also I don't know it's if me or not but his sprites looks oddly very smooth (maybe this because the 2.2.11 update??? idk) but that's not a problem at all

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I find it mindblowing every time I say "This is the mod of the year and nothing will top it.", in the end, I'm proven wrong every time. I just had to write a review even though I didn't finish the game with him yet.

Not only is Gamma (I'll be shortening it to this for sanity), playing exactly how he did in Adventure but on top of all these little extras, it makes it one of the most high-quality mods based on an existing Sonic character. The timer, the use of voice lines, and unique sprites. It adds so much character. Mainly the "Come on!" voice line Gamma uses when he has little to no time left in a boss.

This leads to my own small nitpick. The time on bosses while fair seems to be a tad bit short. Plus with a bunch of bosses having RnG I can see players having trouble with said bosses with a set time limit.

But besides that, I really love this mod so far, there's a clear love for the character and it's nice to see more variety in characters recently.
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