E-102 Gamma

[Open Assets] E-102 Gamma 1.4.2

The mod's great, although there can certainly be some improvements made on it.

I'd say perhaps either buff the time gained from kills or otherwise remove the time limit altogether. I had one case in which I ran out of time in the castle zone's second level because there's just not that many things to shoot and run past.

I'd DEFINITELY say stop having Gamma aim at random decorative objects, in maps that have more of them it kind of just wastes your time while you're waiting for him to finally target an enemy.

Certainly change how drive mod is activated. I've had both the scenario of drive mode getting enabled because I moved too quickly on some platforms over pits, as well as a case of drive mode not activating soon enough while having to speed through an area. Think that crusher area in the egg rock zone I think it was, where you have to go fast around curves or be smashed.
I'd say change drive mode so it's activated/deactivated by pressing custom1.

Also I think if you're hovering over lava and touch the lava from a slope while holding jump, you're immune to the lava as long as you hold jump.
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Great mod! Lovely Spritework :)
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really good mod, i only have like one or two nitpicks
1:gamma tends to aim at quite literally everything BUT the enemies in later levels, this is ESPECIALLY present in RVZ, but is a slight consistent annoyance in other levels too
2:the time limits can be quite strict by the end of the game, specifically in levels where enemies are spread out (i think), such as ACZ
besides that it's really good (i also wish there was a no-time-limit mode for people who wanna mess around)
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Ok, now that iv'e completed Gamma story on SA1, i can say: Gamma if he was well executed.Like in adventure, the stages were so short exepect the last one, and it was kindz disapointing, and the time mechanic and killing badniks to gain some was well idk didn't felt that satifsysing. But here with srb2 levels, and the mechanic of time and killing badniks here feel satysfiying. You've adapted him to srb2 in such a way, like seriously i love this mod, and the effort and love put in it is recognizable.
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Perfect translation of Gamma's SA gameplay to SRB2. Loved the Easter eggs, both the silly one and the bird-related ones. Only complaint is that shooting Brak's bombs makes all the flames appear in the same spot at once and immediately kill your framerate.
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alright after playing the vanilla campaign I can safely say this is almost completely accurate to Adventure
his gameplay style was so fun in the original and the fact he has a little amount of levels there is sad. but THIS game has way more levels. so I got to speed through and destroy everything :0
honestly this is a really fun character! just one complaint, he can destroy lots of things that are just scenery, so although it's fun it wastes time. THZ1 is the best example, most stuff you destroy is techno flowers or smth.
thats my only complaint though amazing job Salt!
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a very cool mod , but I would like to see the gamma version without a time limit
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This mod is amazing even if I ignore my bias for E-102. It's outstanding in the sense that it ported E-102's playthrough from SA1 while adding tweaks that don't change the gameplay too much from its predecessor.

- E-102 "Gamma" plays incredibly well.
- The sprites, while not exactly in the SRB2 style, fit very well in the game's style.
- This mod has some of the cutest details, such as including Gamma's cowboy hat from Sonic Shuffle whenever he's in a desert zone.
- His reward for 7 emeralds is quite nice, as it compensates for Super.
- Multiplayer mechanics are very well thought out.

- This mod may lag on low-end devices, however I don't know how this could be fixed (unless you remove some visual features)

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the character looks great on other people's gameplay. unfortunately, I had to play in first person to have a non-laggy experience. I suggest having a 'Lite' version for lower end devices. (Basically, a single sprite version)
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Gamma is one of the best characters I've seen since Adventure Sonic came out. I don't know if it's intentional, but this mod is the most faithful to the original source out of any other character mods and I dig that. Admittedly even more than DeltaChars.

My only gripe with this mod is that the lock-on system is a bit janky, as Gamma locks onto things he shouldn't be able to, such as the flowers in Techno Hill.
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E-102 Gamma is one of my favorite characters. This mod transfers his Adventure playstyle to this game very well, even having the point system from SA2 mechs!

+ Tons of references sneaked in, like the pink Flicky inside of him!
+ The Game Over theme has been changed to the somber variant of his theme at the end of his story. Works really well!
+ His gunplay is very fun to mess around with. Your friends can even help you gain time in Co-op!

/ Can look out of place in some areas. Such as continue screen.
/ Probably cannot use the Chaos Emeralds. Its hard for me to test out because...
/ Time limit changes depending on level. But either way, some might not like the time limit. Keep this in mind!

- Probably the most unstable character I have. He crashes the game a lot with "Segment Violation", sometimes even when I'm not playing as him!
- There's a lot of extra stuff he can shoot. While it may be fun to destroy the environment at first, it tends to get in the way of shooting enemies and wastes time. Primary example is Techno Hill Act 1, thought it DOES become less apparent in later levels.
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It's the best adaptation I've seen of gamma's gameplay ever. 'nuff said
Impressive work on the sprites too! almost vector-man like in the way they work
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I really like Gamma he's my favorite character and this is a great mod, do you think we could get a Persona compatible Gamma?
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Thanks SO much for bringing back Gamma! I haven't really played much Sonic Adventure 1 anyways, but MY GOD is he fun as hell to play.
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You went HARD...this is way more polished and extra than it ever had any right to be. There was zero necessity to go out of your way to make so many scenery items breakable, make gargoyles pushable with shots, add that silly hat in ACZ, or even make all of his bodyparts seperately animated.

You really did Gamma justice.
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An excellent recreation of Gamma's playstyle and feel with an extreme attention to detail. Recontextulises how you look at the Vanilla campaign and breathes some new life into it.

The attention to detail to ensure his gameplay remains consistent even across custom content makes it a masterpiece of a character.
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there's alot that i think is great, but also there's alot that should be changed/added to this.
for the sprites i like how they look with the extra frames, the sprites artstyle fits better with those extra frames. for the gameplay it's honestly kinda boring in the original game (sonic adventure) but as a recreation it's impressive, tho i would like if the target lock on would have an option to have a limit of how many enemies/objects to target or have a option to get rid of it entirely, i would also like if there was a way to use power ups like pressing the spin button or a dedicated button to activate the power ups, and i would LOVE if first person was a thing with this mod like with Tails guy or Whisper the wolf, finally if there isn't a option to change the time limit or turn it off (if it is then uh idk, ig i'm just stupid then. also if there isn't a option to turn off the voicelines then same thing)
overall this is a impressive mod that makes me want a Big the cat mod (for the memes)
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This is definitely the right room! :D They have a completely different playstyle than normal characters but work perfectly in all the existing levels, this really makes you look at them all in a new way. The mod's full of little details too, like your solution to what to do with the emeralds. My one nitpick is the audio balance, there's a lot of sounds that are way louder or quieter than they should be, but it's not too big of a deal. This is one of the best character mods for sure!
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Very detailed sprites with smooth looking animation, lots of smaller details like how Gamma's lights turn on in dark areas really help this mod stand out. SA1 Gamma gameplay works surprisingly well in SRB2 and its endlessly satisfying to blast through levels and utterly destroy everything.
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