A collection of very solid tracks.

Greenflower is okay. The spring cut is pretty cool, but there's also an implied shortcut to be had by jumping to the left of the sloped ramp, except the item box on the small second stump-ramp can't be bonked past, at least not in Free Play. The music is just... okay. Only two item sets on a fairly long three-lap track feels too low, personally. Overall it feels like the map in the first cup of a different kart game, which is to say it works perfectly fine but doesn't really excite.

Toffee is essentially a better Greenflower in every way, and I can see it becoming a sleeper hit with players looking for an interesting but not-too-intense track to race on.

Desert Dream's remake is honestly just... disappointing. The original felt like a tight, frantic track with lots of action going on. The new one feels like a Mario Kart Wii track and, while it might be less of a(n enjoyable) clusterfuck on high-pop servers now, it's given up being a heady and hectic 8-12 racer track in exchange.
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Dreamscape Gardens is a map pack that I've been playing since the days of RDX Discovery, back in 2019. It's one of the largest packs out there and features many varied tracks mostly featuring comfy, open spaces, cool features not seen in others tracks, and lots of KIRB.

What I like the most about the pack is that, now that the new update has rolled out, the tracks I considered the weakest have been removed. What's left is a quality compilation of medium-sized tracks in many different settings. Something special about this pack are the remakes, though. RoyKirbs makes a special effort to keep the layout intact, but give it a completely new coat of paint and adapt i to a Sonic-like setting, which makes for a very interesting take on old courses. My favorite track in all the pack is the "port" of MK64's Bowser's Castle.

The only thing missing from this pack is a true crown jewel that binds it all. Tracks like Route Three-One, A Bud Time and City Parkway have come close to being that, but I feel like Roy is hiding their true power and that an incredible new map that far breaks the established vanilla formula could shake the whole vibe of the pack massively.

For the time being, this pack has remained widely played since it's release for a reason, and it's a delight especially if you're new to custom tracks - some of them, like Toffee Tor and Desert Dream, are great for people who want to start diverting from the traditional vanilla netplay experience.
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Probably one of the biggest kart map packs, with huge variety both in terms of visuals and difficulty.
For me, the only thing that tarnishes this pack slightly is the difference in quality between the older and newer stuff, but it does seem like you're on a mission to polish up the ones that need it most!
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Dreamscape Gardens is a huge pack with a lot of variety in difficulty and theming. It's an easy add for any server host, and really bulks out your map list with a lot of solid, high quality tracks.

Some of the tracks, though, feel a little bit underdeveloped. Likely due to age, (the sheer number of tracks means a few were developed almost two years ago) some of the tracks feel very open and easy, or under-themed. It seems like Roy is slowly going back through and revamping his older stages, like Opal Island, a shining example of how they can breathe new life life into an old map.

I would still absolutely recommend Dreamscape Gardens, though, and over time I know it can only get better.
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A wide range of theming here goes a long way, even if some maps can feel a bit too wide open. I also appreciate the "ports" actually being remixed with new theming instead of direct recreations. And don't forget; friens.
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