I've been waiting for some time now to get this pack released proper and I think now is as good a time as any.

This has been a work-in-progress for the last eight months with people from both the Kart Krew Discord as well as friends of mine.

Annnd, I feel that it's time to let this one out in the wild and we have a lot of distance to cover. So without further text...





5 Race Courses (+2 Hell Courses)
4 Battle Courses (+1 Hell Course)
Battle Plus Compliant
Classy Vanilla Texturing (For the most part)
Encore Music, Palettes and some surprises in a few of the courses


Race Courses


Proof of Concept Zone (1st Race)
ID: MAPQV | Laps: 7

The Hello World map that could, originally intended to be nothing more than proof that a functional map was made.

It ended up becoming a mainstay due to its course design so I opted to include it in this pack regardless of its basic design.


Crystal Caverns Zone (2nd Race)
ID: MAPQW | Laps: 3

A winding ice zone. Be careful not to slide off. Thankfully, most of the road itself is fairly solid, in fact.

If you find 'it' be sure to say 'hi' back.


Checkered Boardwalk Zone (3rd Race)
ID: MAPQX | Laps: 5

Black and Red like a checkerboard. Unless, you're on encore (which is more like a chessboard).

Some more turning and split paths on this course with some more launch pads. Careful not to fly off-course.


Caldera Crossfire (4th Race)
ID: MAPQY | Laps: 5

Quite the change of temperature from Crystal Caverns. The course loop intersects in the middle on a cross-jump.

Don't crash in mid-air and sink!


Central Processing Zone (Final Race)
ID: MAPQZ | Laps: 2

For the last race, we have a long and sprawling map with floors over and under you.

There's a lot in this map. In fact, there might be something hidden in it.

Battle Courses


Aquatic Nexus (Battle Course 1)

A rather large, two story map. Definitely was created with a large group of people in mind. Don't get lost!


Skyhook Plaza (Battle Course 2)

Created a little more snug than the above map. This map really excels at modes like Mine Blast. Try it out!


The South Bowl (Battle Course 3)

Created in the image of a certain place that wasn't quite lost to the sands of time.

This is a fairly open map aside from the center, which will be highly contested in places like Ring Runners.


Deep Forest Dojo (Battle Course 4)

The last battle course goes all out.

The dojo is the perfect place for a showdown or you can take the fight outside. Be nice to the tree.

Map Hell (Banished For Kart Crimes)


Windswept Ruin (Race Course Hell 1)
ID: MAPPQ | Laps: 2

A Death Wind inspired course but the idea never came to full fruition.

Open areas have disastrous current that will push your kart to the side. About two steps from a Desert Bus crash course.

Banned to Hell for obvious reasons and some noted view distance problems. Good luck.


Hyper Highway Zone (Race Course Hell 2)
ID: MAPPR | Laps: 5

The accelerator goes to the floor on this course. Quite literally.

Everywhere that pulses is a boost panel, which is most of the road. There are panels that boost even faster.

And there are pits. Many pits.

Banished to Hell due mostly to difficulty. Keep your eyes on the road.


Cyber Square (Battle Course Hell)

So we have a huge map, yes. And then we decide we want to put another version of said map over it.

With panels that reverse the gravity so you can go between both floors. Yes.

Banned to Hell due to its complexity and the fact that gravity didn't exactly go for what I was looking for. Still a neat concept so I'm leaving it in.

Music List



I think that about covers everything. Even though I've done a lot of work on this over the past eight months, I'm still treating this as a release candidate for the moment, since this is the first time this is hitting the public outside of Discord and those who have helped me test this extensively. I expect there to be a lot of things that are still problematic that I haven't found yet as bugs but, for the most part, this should be a solid experience in general.

If there's something I missed, feel free to point it out. I'd appreciate the feedback and will do what I can to accommodate. For those of you that would like, I do have videos of these courses as well as others I've played in a YouTube playlist on my channel which you can check out here.

EDIT: I've also got a runthrough of the five standard race courses here:

I'd like to thank the Kart Krew Discord and the members there who have helped me over time get used to the development process. Fayt, Star, Tyty and quite a few others in course feedback, testing and otherwise support in general. Without them, this level pack would have never surfaced here nor would have I created any of this, so thank you very much for your help in the past several months.

With all that out of the way, please enjoy!
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