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I've decided to make a map pack out of the levels that I've previously made. This little map pack contains the mania cup, a re-creation of a map hell map from the base game, and a hell map itself

Mania Cup:

This cup is self-explanatory. It includes the same special stages from Sonic mania and makes them into a race track with some minor edits. Special Stage 3 exists in the Swap cup and Special Stage 7 is in map hell. These maps are also in the CCCP pack. However, I've gave some changes to these maps to fix some issues and move them to their own map slots that are free. hopefully...

MAPAG - SM Special Stage 1 (Mania Cup 1)

Map changes:
- Outside wall boundaries now have the spring panel effect.

MAPAH - SM Special Stage 2 (Mania Cup 2)

Map changes:
- Area where the meme cut originally was is now an actual pit.
- Outside wall boundaries now have the spring panel effect.

MAPAI - SM Special Stage 4 (Mania Cup 3)

Map changes:
- Ramp jump is now a sloped spring panel instead of a sloped speed ramp.
- Blocked off end path after the ramp jump. This fixes an exploit where players can backtrack using the sneakers.
- Outside wall boundaries now have the spring panel effect.

MAPAJ - SM Special Stage 5 (Mania Cup 4)

Map changes:
- Removed all speed ramps in the map.
- Replaced the left path with a pit and blocked it off.
- Outside wall boundaries now have the spring panel effect.

MAPAK - SM Special Stage 6 (Mania Cup FINAL)

Map changes:
- Added capped spring panel after the boost pad section. This is to make sure racers don't attempt to backtrack at a certain point of the race.
- Outside wall boundaries now have the spring panel effect.

Pac Cup(?):

No info on this cup since its only one race track for it. Rest of the tracks may or may not be made.

MAPAL - PWR Retro Maze - Remake (Pac Cup 1)

This is the remake of SRB2Kart's Retro Maze in the map hell section. Changes between the remake and the original is quite pac-ing. The race track is bigger, turns are less obnoxious to navigate, and a unique skybox. Filled with pac-dots, bonus fruits, and Pac-Man himself that watches over the racers. He dabs a lot don't shame me okay? This map also contains doors that can be opened in certain points of the race track. This is used for players that are really behind to catch up. Can't guarantee that it works 100% of the time. It may be fixed in a future update?

This map is accessible while the original still stays in the map hell. The map hell version is also renamed to "PWR Retro Maze Classic" to avoid confusion.

Map hell:

MAPAK - SM Special Stage 7

The last special stage get its treatment in the map hell section. Be careful on where you drive as there are less bumpers to keep you safe. One false move can lead you to your doom, especially on that red spring panel jump!

Map changes:
- Added capped spring panels at the start of the map.
- Speed ramp is now a red spring panel. Used to land on the track easier and less leading to pits.
- Outside wall boundaries now have the spring panel effect.

This map pack includes 50+ textures and flats that were created for the sake of the recreated special stages. it also includes custom map objects for the PWR Retro Maze Recreation.

D00D64: Providing me the Pac-Man. :pacsmug:
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