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This small addon does what the title says. It adds in an announcer that will do its job whenever you and your friends play some battles. This addon only supports CobaltBW's SRB2 Battle mod and that mod alone.

List of actions that you will hear:

- Countdowns for pre-rounds and pinches
- Says "Fight!" when you're playing Arena or Survival and "Go!" If playing the other gametypes.
- When Sudden death begins
- Falling into pits
- Getting game overs
- Receiving extra lives in survival
- Flag captures
- Whenever the game's finished
- Selecting a stage (Through Krabs' MapVote)

You can turn the announcer on and off by using the "battleannouncer" command in the console. This command is set to one by default. It is also an I/O function so you can save your preferences whenever you turn it on and off.

Announcer Source: Super Monkey Ball (1, 2, and Deluxe)

DirkTheHusky - General idea and main coding (I tried lua coding once again)
Krabs - Coding assistance. Thank you.
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