Hey, if you just got here from Direct, then hi! It's time for another update for this goober, I hope you enjoy!

- Added icons to tell you when you can detonate or dash for clarity. You can disable it by using "detongui off/on"
- If you manage to go faster than the initial Hover Dash speed (without using xmom), you now dash at the same speed you're currently going
- Messed around with Hover Dash Speed while underwater
- Fixed being able to use abilities after using a spring
- Added Ringslinger Neo support (Grenade and Flash [Max: 35])
- Remember when i said no RushChars Jetski support? I lied.
- Fixed being able to use abilities after riding a dust devil
- Disabled abilities when holding a CTF flag, no more cheesing!!!!!!!!

Here's to hoping no other bugs show up after posting this. lol
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- Fixed being able to detonate or hover dash while transforming
- Fixed warning that showed up when first loading Deton
- Cleaned up CSS
- New life icon
- A completely refreshed moveset for SRB2P along with extra goodies compiled by Zoraxura. Go check it out!
- Rushchars support (No boat, sorry)
- With the Sol Emeralds, Deton will harness the fire element! When you detonate, you shoot fire bullets all around you, and hover dashing will make it rain fire behind you. You'll even start spewing out fire bullets the whole time!
Big update time! Deton has a new move, and is more versatile with his detonation!

- New ability: Hover Dash
- Become more funky when finishing a level
- New Art
- Increased height when detonating
- Added the best effect when detonating
- Nerfed height when detonating underwater
- Better XMom support (dash speed gets effected by your speed)
- Krabs' cosmetic mod support
- Fixed shield issue with detonating


Bet you thought you'd never see him get an update again, huh?

- Faster wait animation for groovy times
- Fixed Dirk Grind sprites
- An actual run animation added
- Removed random flashing when hovering at high speeds
- New Signpost
- For whatever reason, before Deton had a slightly increased jumppower and normalspeed, which is now lowered to normal
- Armageddon shield stuff added
. - When hit, you won't get stunned, but obviously the shield still gets activated and explodes
. - Increases explosion range, explosion jump height, and slightly sends you forward on activation via Spin button