Daytona Kart (Version 1.8)

[Reusable] Daytona Kart (Version 1.8) 1.8

It's finally here. Version 1.8:

DaytonaKart Logo v1.8.png
This update features the specially made LRayMAX Hud Style, which takes inspiration from Outrun 2 and Sonic Riders, while keeping the speed and HP gauges from the BattleMania HUD style.

This HUD style was released early to the LunarRay servers, as it was specifically designed for the first-ever LunarRay/Live Tournament, of which the VoD you can find below.
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This update also comes with two additional toggles for the server:

"arcade_explosiveko" - For when you want to add a bit more boom to Time Overs. Once someone stops after running out of time, they'll blow up!

"arcade_forcelrmax" - This forces the game into being in LunarRay/MAX mode. Normal items, no Time Over health drain, no Explosive KO, the difficulty must be Hard or higher, defaulting to Expert if it's not, but can also be custom so long as the bonus time per lap and at the start is reduced or unmodified, and the default time mod per lap. It also activates the Server Points tracking, showing not only the current points you have but how many points you would have if you finish in your current position. Oh, and you're forced to use the LRayMAX style HUD