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Countdown Mode

Inspired by the Countdown mode made by Mr. Bean 35000VR, this mode has players race against the clock to complete as many laps as possible before time runs out.

Current version: Kart V3.1


  • CountWelcome - Gives a welcome command.
  • CountHelp - Gives a list of commands and (nearly all) netvars which can be changed.
  • CountSettings - Shows the current settings, and the time bonuses for each enabled setting.

Version Details:
  • A few Quality of Life tweaks
  • Changed the default settings to make it where Drift bonuses aren't given except in Freeplay by default, the starting time is 2 minutes, the Start Boost is disabled,, and KOs give 6 seconds of time (for a max game length of 3 minutes)

  • Added in a way to enable or disable Countdown mode using "cd_enabled"

  • After a year of no real updates, Countdown has been updated to be more connectable with other mods, while removing bits for mods which are deprecated
  • The bonuses are moved to their own functions, which could possibly be called by other mods
  • Sinks now deal 3x bonus time, and ignore the cap!
  • Lock-on feature for Acrobatics (cd_trickbonus) prepped ready for integration with it and other trick mods
  • Slight HUD improvement for when the time remaining is less than 10 seconds
  • Splitscreen fixes for when on a server implemented

  • Renamed to just Countdown Mode, as this is currently the only known Countdown Mode Mod
  • Fixed some bugs regarding colourhud not displaying the text right in single-player and split-screen
  • Alternative version added! V2.1.t adds in a modified version of Afrorule's Tricks mod and can grant bonus time from landing tricks!

  • Updated to take advantage of Kart Version 1.1
  • Attacks are now added back in!
  • Added a KO count for when attacks are enabled
  • Secret meme setting added. (DEJA VU!)

  • Patched the 'glitch' of drift time being gained during death, but keeping it possible to use it to gain a bit of bonus time.
  • PK3 Support

A few changes which I forgot about, but which include a new time gain mode.

  • Changed the version numbering
  • Added a new way to gain time at the start from the Start Boost.

  • Addition of new SFXs for bonus time and for when time is about to run out, replacing the Ruby SFX

  • More patching for the HUD and the like

  • Bonus time now shows in 3/4 player split-screen games
  • Streamlined some of the code
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the "OUT" showing on the lap counter

  • Fixed missing text in Splitscreen Mode
  • Added in bonus time text for 2-player split-screen mode

  • Now works in Splitscreen Mode!

  • Updated to work with the Team addon planned for release
  • Coloured HUD timer and lap counter based on skin colour! Off by default.

  • Fixed bugs missed in 1.0.1-C

  • Added in spectator detection and ignoring

  • Few minor fixes
  • Addition of Team Mode stuff for compatibility with a (future) Freeplay Mod

  • First full release

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