Coop or Die!

[Open Assets] Coop or Die! 1.1

  • Fix potentially getting stuck in a "warp loop" on custom level exit triggers
  • Fix team lives not honoring startinglives in multiplayer / saved life count in singleplayer
  • Fix Enemy Goal getting incorrectly set after retrying a NoReload level
  • Fix always getting a reward shield in singleplayer after retrying a level
  • Fix starposts randomly granting team lives after retrying a level
  • Allow the team life sound (S3D Chirp) to play any time we've gained a team life
  • Add a minor coop HUD notification when enemies are defeated
  • Add separate cd_teamlives option for team life sharing (instead of it being a cd_dmflags flag)
  • Add cd_emeraldbonus option for bonus ring / shield award on spawn w/ all emeralds