Classic (Proper) Sounds

Classic (Proper) Sounds 4.2

Added Metal sound support for Metal Knuckles (CSP only).
Swapped DSRAIL (far thok) sounds so they're more in-line with Adventure Sonic's.
  • Updated Classic Sounds with missing sounds.
  • Only Metal Sonic uses CD sounds now (Sounds+ only.)
  • Updated Sounds+ with a new starpost sound that has a familiar melody...
  • Added new token sound.
Sorry about the frequent updates. Needed to do one more before I leave this alone for a while.
  • The Skins folder has been moved to Sounds+.
    • This means the CD sounds for Amy, Fang and Metal are only included in there.
    • The standalone file actually SAVES now.
  • The SOC from the original file has been moved a separate file called Sounds+.
    • Because of this, new sounds such as the Super Ring, red and blue springs, and Sonic 1 2013 menu sounds will be included in that separate file.
    • This was done so that the original file can save game progress.
    • Also, to a lesser extent, the Green Spring Shell badnik from Techno Hill now uses the blue spring sound (SOC only).
Hey, guys. Been a while, huh?

This is really just an update to for me adjust myself to the new SRB2 Message Board, but you can take it as an actual update if you wish! I've also added an orange download link for the new version at the top of the page. Old versions, however, will remain as attachments from now on (along with the new update). Enjoy the update, guys!

Here's the new stuff:
  • File size has been decreased from 15 MB to 4 MB.
  • The Super Ring box has been given a unique sound similar to Not So Simple Sonic Worlds.
  • Red and blue springs have been given unique variants similar to Sonic Time Twisted.
  • Added new menu sounds from Sonic 1 2013.
  • Adjusted and replaced specific sounds that were too loud.
  • Removed accidental copies of DSS3KCBS and DSS3KCBL.
  • Modified SOC.