CDSonic (Whispon Edit)

CDSonic (Whispon Edit) v2.0.2

Sorry for so many updates my ADHD brain does this lol
  • Fixed an issue where if you had speedshoes or were super and charged a spindash with Classic Physics turned on, you were able to move around.
    • There's still a very minor issue where you move a teeny tiny bit when holding forward before charging a spindash but it 100% shouldn't affect anything
Not a significant update but just fixing a goofy bug that appeared when Classic Physics were added
  • Fixed a bug where if you were rolling -> jumped -> and then used horizontal spring, you would be able to use multiple before landing again
This update comes with an OPTIONAL complete overhaul to how CDSonic controls.
  • Added a new lua file to CDSonic, Classic Based Physics. You can find the mod here (Its open assets)
  • Added a new command to toggle the physics on or off "cdphysicstoggle" THE PHYSICS ARE TOGGLED ON BY DEFAULT!!!
    • The physics ONLY affect CDSonic and do NOT cause resyncs if other CDSonics have it toggled differently. So it is safe for server usage! The physics are also edited up a bit to feel more classic imo.
      • If a lot of people do not like the physics, I will remove them in a future update, otherwise they are here to stay
  • Fixed a bug with the previous update where if you had a momentum mod on, crouching or looking upwards and not initiating a spindash/peelout would cause CDSonic to not be able to move until one was activated or his horizontal spring was used.
  • Added new A2A8 (diagonal towards the camera) sprites when standing, walking, and running.
  • Added a bounce to all angles of CD's walking sprites.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had CDSonic loaded in a certain order, his falling sprites would become a frame of his "pipebomb" dance.... no idea why this happened but it has been fixed
  • Changed the Life HUD to use actual numbers instead of text numbers.


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- Added ACTUAL momentum support for XMomentum (or any other momentum mod that uses fakenormalspeed). He worked with momentum mods before but it was very buggy. Now everything SHOULD work as intended.
- Fixed a momentum mod based issue where charging the peelout would allow you to move around while still charging, thus breaking sprites.
- Made it so CDSonic can activate peelout using any movement direction.
--- Known bug regarding Peelout, pressing another, or the same, direction again while still charging the move will cause Peelout to begin charging again. This doesn't happen when CD has entered his peelout sprites. This will be fixed in the next update.
- Due to a situation that I don't wanna get into, I have reverted CDSonic's A5 (facing away from camera) falling sprites to be his 2.1 counterparts.
- On the bright side, made it so that the falling sprites now also behave as they did in 2.1
- Added a new console toggle "cdsparkles". This toggles on and off the sparkle effect that CDSonic has when bouncing off of a vertical/diagonal spring as some people have mention it can be distracting.
- Added a new chat command "chilidogs". This is just a little fun thing I wanted to give him. Depending on community feedback, this command may or may not be in future updates. (Sprite by Blitzerhog12)
- Added super sprites of the "pipebomb" dance.
- Fixed an issue where using the peelout with the "supersprites" addon would cause sprites to break.
- Fixed the Emerald HUD to not go offscreen for certain resolutions.
Fixed an issue where MUS and MJP were not valid options for "cdmusic"
- Added the music pack back
(I never uploaded a mod with a music pack before... now I know how it works)
Small update that fixes 2 things that needed fixing

- Fixed an issue that made the custom HUD disable every characters life icon
- Fixed an issue where pressing Spin and Forward at the same time made CD play the peelout sound effect and get a small boost forward