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Hello everyone! As I knew that this day was coming soon, I finally finished work on this one track, which was started in January, so it pretty much took me 4-5 months (and weeks of procrastination), but finally here it is, for the special day of my birthday!

This is the Big Forest track (also known as the Beginner track) from Virtua Racing, a Formula 1 racing game for arcades by SEGA, which was powered by their Model 1 arcade board, giving it an impressive amount of polygons (but no textures). As this one being a mostly straight conversion of said track, I had to use a lot of detail in order to have it look similar to the original aesthetic, using flats/textures for color shades to simulate shading (as SRB2Kart/SRB2 doesn't have dynamic lightning); as well as Slopes, FOFs...and Sloped FOFs (The trees at the first straight of the course). It took me a long while and several glitched linedefs corrections (in fact you can see 2 or 3 on the video on the road, but I should have those fixed when the download is up), but I've finally done it.

Please enjoy and thanks to LJSTAR for the sky texture, MK for the heads up about the fix for checkpoint bug as well as other feedback, sphere, Latius and many others on the SRB2Kart Discord for support; and of course, the KartKrew staff themselves for making this awesome mod/game.

Initial Release

Checkpoint 4 bug fixed
Starting line FOF made intangible: Now winner signpost falls properly
Several linedefs made intangible; some out of bounds area given Death Pit property
Minimap outline thickened
Item box amount increased
Added super-duper-ultra-mega secret that definitively wasn't there before

Video (1.0):

Supporters / Co-Authors:
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