Now you can get all the characters I've worked on with the Rally All-Stars Character Pack.

This pack includes eight characters. (Six if you count Ranma and Shampoo as one character each.) Ash & Pikachu, Misty & Psyduck, Ranma Saotome Boy-Type*, Ranma Girl-Type*, Akane Tendo, Shampoo Girl-Type*, Shampoo Cat-Type* and NEW! Lina Inverse. In addition there are also bundled extras including example SOC files as well as horns.

Lina Inverse comes in riding the Mario Kart Wii motorbike as created by Leonguy. You can check out the bike template and their released characters in their thread here.

Some of you may notice that Lina is the tallest character in the pack. You can adjust your camera's angle so that you can see more of the action. Type in "cam_height" and a number to adjust the height. The camera's default height is 50. Try adjusting to a height of 75 or 100. You can adjust the camera height for splitscreen players using "cam2_height", "cam3_height" or "cam4_height". Learn more about console commands for SRB2/Kart from the wiki.

* Indicate lua scripted characters.

The zip contains all characters put together in a pack with LUA and non-Lua versions. In addition, characters are also bundled as separate add-ons so you can choose which specific characters you want for your hosted server. This includes characters bundled as lua and non-lua versions where applicable.

Lua and SOC information.
The Ranma 1/2 characters, Ranma and Shampoo includes types for Ranma (Boy and Girl) and Shampoo (Girl and Cat) as well as a bundled "lua" version that includes both characters as 'cursed' characters. When driving into cold water or rain, Ranma will turn into a girl and Shampoo will turn into a cat. Since there's no hot water in Kart, (Typically!) Ranma will change back into a guy and Shampoo will change back into a girl when they fall off the track. Keep in mind using the lua pack prevents Ranma and Shampoo from participating in time attack modes. You can load the characters separately from the non-lua versions, which means there is no 'curse'. Both types of Ranma and Shampoo play identically, so choose based on your preference. You can choose which type you want to start each race/battle session with and your choice is reflected in statistics as well as the goal post when a Ranma or Shampoo player finishes in first place.

The lua code includes fail-safes in case the character pack(s) are not loaded correctly. Certain maps in the base game (As well as a few user made maps) are blacklisted preventing the curse from occurring in areas that aren't exactly water. (Such as lava or oil) The server host can also make use of commands such as "ranma_curse" that prevent the curse from working. For more information use "ranma_help" or "shampoo_help" on a hosted session.

SOC Modifiers
Mapmakers and server hosts can now create their own specialty modifiers for maps via SRB2's SOC definitions. Included in the Extras folder are example soc files for some map packs that are available now. For best compatibility be sure to load the SOC files after loading the related level or level pack. These will affect Ranma and Shampoo characters.

"Lua.ranma_no_curse" will disable the curse for liquid areas (Such as oil or lava!) The script already accounts for levels in the base game and do not need an external SOC definition to disable the curse on relevant tracks. This will not affect the KartRev mod.

"Lua.ranma_hot_water" will cause all liquid areas to behave as 'hot' water which will change Ranma or Shampoo into their 'normal' forms. There are no maps in the base game that make use of this.

Rain conditions do not work with these modifiers. Learn more about SRB2's SOC definitions from the relevant wiki page.

Ash & Pikachu:
Misty & Psyduck:
Ranma Boy-Type, Ranma Girl-Type,


Lina Inverse:
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