The following map Id has been change to avoid conflict with other map :

- Wario Deluxe : NQ => NO
- Flying battleship : BW => CW
- 2Fort big : FE => CY
- Harvest : FY => IK
- GS map removed (random leftover of golden sun map)

Used the sheet here to be sure there are no conflict :
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There will be probably another update in the future fixing the last few problem but this is globaly the FINAL version of this Huge pack

- Fixed EVERY thing ID Conflict that I was aware.

- Rising Underground : Fixed missplaced Chao, and slope.

- Fleagle Airship (hell version) : Removed from the pack

- Battle of Lil Slugger : Fixed a meme cut at the yellow spring ; moved a saw that was hard to react

- The Hospital : Fixed fog issue near the TV ; Fixed a wrong damage sector near the cut ; Bevel some 90° wall

- Tetanus Ville : The Rail cut is now possible to take from both rail (it was only possible from the right one before) ; Removed the spike on the 2nd cut ; Visual change

- Old Tetanus Ville ("new" hell map) : Old version of the map where it was 2 lap

- The Hell : Added death plane at the spiral jump ; Added downward wind at the 2 first warp to avoid player touching the new death plane. ; Added Random itembox at the warps located to the U turn to reward player taking the meme path.

- The Rapture : Nerfed the Cut ; Fixed Checkpoint error sound at the start ; Made the rocket more likely to hurt you when exploding (Need test)

- The Lab (Hell) : Removed from normal rotation => Bad map that I don't want to deal with.

- The Other side : Reworked the first session to be more engaging ; Nerfed the cut (still strong but less op)

- Jimmy.T's Nightclub : Added a small new off road instead of a wall to use sneaker. Should help to reduce front run

- Crygor Lab : Made the toilet Hole BIGGER ; Changed the way you get flushed down (need more playtest) ; Added a blocked path for invinsible player before the toilet jump ; the top path is... still not worth it

- Wario DELUXE : Added a small pause before some micro game to avoid flashing abuse ; Made the Breakable door Microgame shorter ; Added more spring at the Speen dash microgame

- Lamech's Throne (Battle) : Added 2 new pilar to give more way to dodge/hide the other player

- Harvest (Battle) : New map ; unfinished visualy but playable.
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The following custom object has their numthing slot remove because they don't actualy need it. (because those object are spawned by other object)
- 3661 : MT_Larries
- 3687 : MT_BARRELOX
- 3711 : MT_MEATHELL
-Added a new map : Pishon Dry lake

- Added Hell version of Fleagle Airship, Hihi.

I will forgot some stuff to mention since I started doing it 2 month and made a break... :
- A lot of the map look better in software mode, fixed some transparency issue, and Sawblade clipping.
- Battle of Sluger : The slugger dash attack now doesn't hurt player ; which mean it has now NO hitbox
- Rapture : off road of the cut is now stronger.
- Tetanus ville : Removed one moving blade that was blind (before the downward spiral, near the blue block)
- Wario Deluxe : Minor change here and there, the most visible one is the king of the hill that now ONLy has spikeball.
- 2fort small : Added an elevator.
And problably some stuff that i have forgot.
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Reversed back the lua of Wario and hexagone map. Because it's caused the next map to softlock And hexagone was broken.
Wario Deluxe : No more invincibility when entering the king of the hill game.
- Added a new fall kart battle map : Funky Fumble

- Added a new fall kart "race" map : Hexagone
To win on this map, you have to be the last man standing on the falling platform. It kinda reuse the wario deluxe point system to know the position of everyone. WARNING , this map is a software render killer unfortunaly.

- Wario Deluxe : YOU CAN'T USE RESPAWN ANYMORE . Temporaly remove the anti grief option for 1.4+ server. The two "small road" mini game are now easier; Changed the Red zone mini game to be less punishing, but also harder to get point ; Added more spring in the sliding game. Shuffled some door for the break the door game. Ghost no longer can be optained.
Wario Deluxe :
- Some microgame has more time extended before switching to the next one.
- The rock session is now a tiny easier. The secret boost has been removed. Added pit to the side, item are usefull now to yet poeple in the pit.
- King of the hill : now you have to stand in the red part to get point. The invisible point giver is now visible to make it more clear. The message is also changed. You can get a lot of point here, falling early here is fatal.
- Super fun slide : As been extended. You can't fall, except at the end.
- Fixed position way point in the final game. Shrink will now work.

The Rapture :
You can't miss the speedboost after the Tower spiral.
Added better warning to the rocket zone. STOP ENTERING THE ROCKET ZONE!
The larries session (Grey worms) is now slopped , so you do a smaller jump at the end.

Tetanus Ville : Added more rails ; fixed a meme cut.

Crygor lab : the sewer session is more consistent => no more random boost by not touching the ground.

Jimmy T :
Take 1 less second to open the door.
Very very minor wall moved to avoid some bonk.
Let's... Gooo...

Rising Underground : Moved back the finish line

Wario Chalenge : Is now an hell map. This was kinda the beta of the wario deluxe.

Bottle :
- CTF_2fort small : Made some coridor larger ; added some invisible wall. Removed a wrong spawn point, FINALY!
- Remoat stadium : Fixed wrong texture, everyone spawn at a base now.
- Each player will have to fight on micro game at the same time. Get point to win the "race". Probably on of the most Unique race map.

New battle map Lamech's Throne :
A small battle map where a "boss" hazard is trying to kill you. Based from Rogue Legacy 2

Map Update
- Wario chalenge : Fixed missing ground on the slot 6
- The Hell : Fixed a softlock. Added another useless red warp, added a new obstacle near the end.
- The Lab : Added kill plane at the wall of the antigravity session (pink zone)
I might forgot some stuff but here what I have remember.

The 3 important thing of this update:
- SPACE PINBALL has been removed from the pack. The map is now located in the PizzaTowerpack map
- The lab is no longer in hell since I found out how to fix the server crash , same with Wario map.
- Fleagle Airship has a big update.

Individual map update :

- Lil'Sluger (forest) : Added a small new session to at least turn to the left a little, no more hold right to win. Reworked the slugger; it's way faster, drop more eggmanbox and charge player after a trap. Look like a big buff, but don't worry, he now can only hurt you when he charge and he often miss his target.

- The hell (race) : Added and moved some red warp. The cut is now impossible to do sneakerless, added more item at the begening.

- The Lab : Yes! This map! It is now back in normal rotation. The way the set item is made has changed. Boss Fetus is guarding his throne. Added an """antigravity session"''. It's not really the same map anymore.

- Fleagle Airship : The outide part has a ton of quality of life inprovement. The top part of the giant ship has no more spikeball. The interrior has been changed, now the speedway are at the side on the slope.

- Jimmy T Nighclub : The trigger for mic and penny should work better. The north west door open 2s earlier.

- Crygor lab : Added a cut at the begining. lowered the water, no more random bounce.

- Wario Chalenge : Like the lab, fixed the random crash. The ending part has now only One spb, nd some shrink that the first player cannot pick.

I'm tired of making no rail version.
Space Pinball : Added TV decorations. Added fog near the lava,. Fixed Camera angle for the lauch.

Rising underground : fixed a checkpoint . Added a fog that follow the lava height to help player to know where the lava is. FINNALY I did it,! it was a problem since the first release.

The Hospital : Nerfed the warp zone, sound effect only happen once (not for the other map) . Removed one speedpad on the first outside area. Visual update.

Tetanus ville : Visual update

The Rapture : Nerfed the cut, by adding minor off road for the whole tunel. Added a wall at the end of the cut so poeple doesn't enter it by misstake from the other side. RocketLaucher range vision buff (it still less strong than the very first version)

WarioDeluxe : No longer in hell map, for now.
- Added a lot of microgame variation. You will play variation depending of your starting position.
- (3rd microgame) Variation added to the bridge session
- (4th microgame) : Variation added where you have to aim and shoot an orbi toward a target.
- (5th) : All rock has changed position a tiny for all slot. Rock can't longer bonk you when they spawn frame 1
- (6Th) : The correct door no longer follow the same patern.
- (7th) : This is where you have the most of variation, but the goal will be alway to destroyd / push something - Added a moving troll spring at the end of the track. - Minor music edit.