Ante-Station Zone - Enhanced Edition

[Open Assets] Ante-Station Zone - Enhanced Edition v1

NOTICE ABOUT REUSABLE CONTENT: You may reuse textures, graphics, socs, lua, and sprites so long as I receive credit for my work.
If you want to reuse or repackage the map itself, you must ask permission first.
Do not under any circumstance edit the map itself, don't disrespect my work like this :^(.

Sonic finds himself in a strange place.

"Just another Eggman base", he thought, however, this base was unlike any other eggman base he'd ever seen.

Strange geometries, Peculiar machines, Floating blocks moving in a rhythm, Buildings in the center of space!

To make things worse, our blue hero finds himself constrained to some kind of track, limiting his movement by an entire dimension.

Will our blue hero make it through the mazelike base, or will he just have to get used to the extraordinary base for the rest of time?


The music used for this map is: Charging Alloy Zone - Karl Brueggemann

There are two versions of this map:

v1 is the map with all of the bells and whistles including graphics, sprites, and SOCs.

v1ng is just the map alone, intended to replace the map used in the OLDC (make sure you add this after you add the main OLDC pk3)

Initial Release

+ Revamped the first big pathsplit so its no longer a "hold right to win" situation.
+ Added leading lines to make the polyobject platforming easier to digest
+ Updated the Axis2D script. Simple mode is now supported. (Thanks Varren for updating this script)
* Made the first few polyobject sections a little more lenient
* Modified a bit of geometry during the loop to prevent the camera from noclipping into the wall.
* Removed some spikes in certain places to make the platforming easier and less annoying
* The wonky polyobject near the bombs is now 99.9% less wonky.
First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest reviews

I already loved this stage, now I love it even more! I've always liked the idea of non-euclidean geometry in games, and this map does it super well! Plus, I feel like the inclusion of Axis2D really brings the whole thing together. I do still have one problem, though. I know it's warned in the mod itself and stuff, but I'm still kinda sad that OpenGL Mode is unsupported (I wanna use models ;n;). Other than that, the map is really cool and deserves a lot more love!
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this is pretty good ngl
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A fun, fast stage. It still has a few glitches, despite using software mode, but it's definitely worth the download.
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Welcome to releases!
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