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Please note that Rosy, Mania Amy, and Cameo Amy are reusable. But Modern Amy is NOT reusable.

Modern Amy

Amy Rose is back! This time, her birdie companion will be coming along with her!

Do amyvoiceclips 1 in the console to make Amy say her voice lines. (This only changes sound)
Do altmoveset 1 in the console to activate Amy's alternate moveset. (This only changes gameplay)

Abilities (Normal Moveset):
NOTE: Amy cannot spin while using this moveset.

Piko Piko Hammer:
Press spin on the ground while not running or double jump to swing your hammer.

Hammer Flip: Press spin while running to launch in the air with your hammer and flip.

Birdie Flight: Press spin mid-air away from enemies to have Birdie carry you for 4 seconds before letting go of you.
Piko Grapple: Press spin mid-air near enemies to home in on them and smash them with your hammer, using the Piko Grapple with 50 rings or more will grant you a pink pity shield. Unusable in BattleMod.

Abilities (Alternate Moveset):
NOTE: Amy can spin while using this moveset.
Piko Piko Hammer:
Press spin on the ground while not running to swing your hammer.

Hammer Spin: Press spin while running to spin with your hammer.

Hammer Descend: Double jump to do a high jump mid-air, hold down jump while falling to descend slower.

Hammer Bounce: Press spin mid-air to spin down with your hammer, this will stop momentum completely.

Battle Abilities:
Heart Bubble:
Create a bubble containing a heart. Enemies will be hurt when touched, allies will gain a bubble shield when touched.

Leap Of Faith: Leap up into the air, spawning a wave of hearts.

Piko Wave: Use your ground hammer and hold jump while smashing into the ground to spawn a wave of hearts, this will completely stop momentum and disable your other hammer moves for a bit of time.

Persona Support:
Amy is mainly a healer, with the highest magic to support her healing capabilities. She learns wind magic and healing skills, including curing status, recovering HP, and reviving allies. While her recovery abilities are great, she can hit pretty hard with her magic attacks. Her magic stat combined with her high SP allows for a hard hitter who doesn't run out of energy easily. Amy also naturally learns skills that boost her damage-dealing capabilities. If an enemy ever resists her wind magic, she can use bless and pierce skills to deal damage instead.



Hammer Attack: Press spin on the ground while not running to make Rosy swing her hammer. Upon the point of impact with the ground, a large heart shockwave will spawn. The shockwave damages enemies and bosses.

Hammer Twirl: Double jump to flip with Rosy's hammer.

Cyclone Drill: Press spin mid-air to drill down with Rosy's hammer, hitting the ground while in this state will spawn a heart shockwave.

Weak Hammer Jump: Press custom 1 while not running to launch yourself with Rosy's hammer.

Strong Hammer Jump: Press custom 1 while running to launch yourself with Rosy's hammer. This works almost exactly like the Weak Hammer Jump, except you get launched higher.

Peelout: Press and hold custom 2 while standing still to charge a peelout, letting go of custom 2 will thrust Rosy forward.

Slide: Press custom 2 while moving to slide.

Hammer Leap: Press spin while running to spin with with Rosy's hammer.

Heartslinger (Exclusive to ringslinger gametypes): Rosy will throw hearts instead of rings, when a heart hits a monitor, player of the opposite team, or a wall, it'll create an explosion of hearts.

Cameo Amy

Hug Attack: Press spin on the ground to hug the air, this will damage enemies.

Clap Attack: Press spin mid-air to clap, this will damage enemies.

Love Boost: Double jump to do a high jump and leave behind a trail of hearts.

Mania Amy

Double jump and hold down the button to spin your hammer and slowly fall.

Hammer Flip: Press spin while running to leap in the air with your hammer.



Katmint for making Rosy for 2.1
Chrispy for the sprites and Rosy for 2.0
Tatsuru for the hugging script.
MotorRoach for the vanilla Amy sprites.
TroopSushi for the original Amy Mania mod for Sonic Mania.
SolarStellar for the MB icon and the new Modern Amy CSS.

Watch the Modern Amy V2 Trailer here!
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Rascally Rosy
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Latest reviews

Modern Amy is my main way to go in the game but one thing that really gets annoying is when you need the birds to lift you up there is a 50% chance you'll hurt yourself instead. This is especially annoying when you need the birds for jumping past a big hole but you hurt yourself instead, causing you to just fall to your doom. Overall good mod!
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Great mod but needs a update to modern amy there's a bug when using her in the latest version of srb2 that causes her to attack her self when attempting to grapple an enemy with the piko piko hammer to send them flying it happens when she does the heart animation before she locks on a nearby enemy it's not hard to reproduce the bug.
Upvote 1
well the mod is good, the amy has many more skills than the original, but there is still a bug that when you enter the special phases the camera rotates and that is a problem that I don't like very much since you can't get the emeralds, that it's my only complaint, everything else in the mod is fine
Upvote 0
Love it. One *minor* problem, if you have altmoveset set to 0, the NiGHTS stages seem to break.
Upvote 0
I really like the moveset of modern amy and im really glad the sprites were redone! it looks so much better!
Upvote 0
Great mod been watching this for awhile. Glad to see Amy get something uploaded to the mb that isnt the 2.1 sprites. the flicky idea is creative and adds some spice to her move-set. Her hammer flip is alittle high but not too bad, the sprite work is very cute! I love the dance! Noticing alittle more lag in CEZ2. Then the obvious warning when exiting birdie animation. theres a-lot to love with all you put in!

I would like to give you a suggestion id have her transition to her flip animations after doing the hammer flip to resemble SADX. The dance is very cute IMO maybe have her flip to the opposite direction as well to really make it look like she does in adv.

lastly you set the flip animation on her ROLL sprites so it looks silly seeing her use shield abilities and anything that requires/forces the ROLL sprite. You should create a freeslot and put your custom sprites there and keep the ROLL as a ROLL/SPIN sprite. Lastly another bug is if Amy hits an egg guard with piko grapple and then silver uses telekinesis on that egg guard silver has missing textures.

Amazing Mod nonetheless :)
Upvote 0
Now yeas modern amy looks wasome and sorry for my last rating i was a "little" angry i should't has to act like that, you now things was hard but now everything is fine including your char
Upvote 0
I really liked this, i had fun playing it
Upvote 0
OK The other things in the pack are good BUT MODERN AMY IS UNACCEPTABLE She walks very strange Her foot seems to be always turned to the wrong side It seems that she broke her foot and the sprites are also very strange Her head is giant and the Flick Doesn't Even Have The Locket / Necklace
Rascally Rosy
Rascally Rosy
Since the sprites are redone, why not give it another shot?
Upvote 0
This is really fun, i remember when you hosted this in a netgame. The battle ability are op- i mean fun! I have no complaints, i will host this in my server every time i host.
Upvote 3