Just a wee patch for some things
- new shortcut on ZigZag Forest
- Neo-Metropolis energy roads have been given some visual clarity
- Hilltop Haunt's shortcut can now be taken with a single sneaker. Due to the map's size, stronger power-items can be hard to come by
- minor shortcut tweaks on various maps
- resolved some texture conflicts (hopefully)
- addressed some issues with ZZF
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Completely forgot to check map slots for the last version.
This hotfix just moves Neo-Metropolis back to MAPRB so it can overwrite the outdated version, and you don't end up with two versions of the map with both packs loaded.
Changelog: Can't remember it's been ages

Crystal Caverns
- Small QoL deathpit/checkpoint stuff

Metal Harbor
- Fixed checkpoint jank (I hope)
- Slightly nerfed shortcuts
- Some small QoL stuff

NEW MAP! ZigZag Forest, a Kartrider kinda-port i've taken lots of liberties with.
Moved map! I've added Neo-Metropolis (from SI-HTpak) to this pack, as SI-HTpak will no longer be getting updated so this is the only way for me to patch it.
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After 329 days, i'm back.
This update includes Metal Harbor, a re-done Hilltop Haunt, and updates to the other 2 maps.