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Whisper the Wolf 1.2.1

First off, aiming just slightly downwards (and I mean slightly) makes it bounce... strangely. For some reason, it stops going forward, and bounces... north? I think? It's quite consistent, no matter which way you face, if the angle it hits the floor is close enough to parallel it will bounce in that one particular direction. If this happens, it also seems to get stuck to the floor, so it starts following the slopes downward and whatnot.
The walls, meanwhile, like sucking up the laser beams. Going up against a wall and aiming even somewhat parallel to the wall tends to suck up the shot. If the wall is even somewhat onscreen, you can be sure your shot's being eaten.
Trying to aim down a cliff is also a bit hit-or-miss. You have to move so far forwards to prevent the shots from bouncing upwards, and combined with the recoil moving you backwards it becomes easier to just jump off before firing... before EVERY shot.
Just noticed that despite getting screenshots of the lasers changing direction, and of my troubles aiming down cliffs, I forgot to include them in my first comment. Have screenshots of both of those, and of a laser shot being blocked by a wall to the right.


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light dasher updated Whisper the Wolf with a new update entry:

Whisper's Persona update (+Bugfixes!)

A new update for Whisper! We've got bug fixes aplenty! Some new features and of course, the big ol' Persona Support!
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Whisper joins SRB2P with her own Wispon system, unleash powerful wispon abilities!

New features are as follows
- Of course the big ol Persona support! Complete with her...​

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Aiming with the lasers are SO much easier now! Love it to bits! It's amazing just how much trouble the "redirecting north" bug alone disrupted everything. Playing with that fixed was wonderful. And the walls don't absorb shots anymore! Huzzah!
Also PERSONA SUPPORT? Trying THAT out as soon as possible!
Love this update so much
light dasher updated Whisper the Wolf with a new update entry:

Whisper - Persona bugfixes and balance

There was a big desync issue in the last Persona patch when playing online, this patch hopes to fix the desyncs and such, while also tweaking some of her balance. Please download this if you play Whisper online!

- Fixed Whisper's wisp switch mechanic causing desyncs
- Altered Zen Mindset. Rocket attacks now remain as Fire even after Zen Mindset, but gain extra power.
- Whisper's only regular melee attack will be Laser's until further notice, until we can find a viable...

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I absolutely love Whisper and her moveset. I've been playing her non-stop in persona and base SRB2, but I've had a bug where cube leaves me stranded on the ground in base SRB2. I can't move in the slightest, nor can I cancel it. I have to suicide just to begin moving again, but that doesn't fix it. If I use cube again it'll put me stuck once again with no way to fix it.
That's because buddyex bots aren't real bots, and thus lack most custom character abilities.
If you want her to shoot, try using a different bot mod.
Don't load Kirb's Cool Colors alongside Whisper, she breaks when equiping her mask if the color addon is loaded.
Not worth fixing imo.
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@light dasher Whisper's rocket wisp seems capable of friendly fire on team-based modes. Idk if it was intentional or not, but it definitely allows for easy griefing.
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Wow! I just saw this mod on discord, and I headed right over to check it out. It's fantastic! The sprite work and moveset work wonders to convey her character in game form. I love that you're bringing over IDW characters.

If I may suggest, I think an option to pair up Tangle and Whisper would be cool, like how RushChars has an option for Blaze and Marine. I know I can pair them with BuddyEx, but an automatic selection option would be neat haha.

Great work!
well i'll can use Whisper in the RingSlinger NEO
but Whisper can't use the power ups

and why?
maybe just it's well, like a ring weapons
Or is it for balance?
I have a bit of a problem with the mod and was told to go here to help get it fixed

I am relatively new to using and installing mods, especially in srb2. I decided to add a whisper mod since I already had the accompanying tangle mod. after messing around with it for all of 5 seconds I encountered a weird glitch with the spike wisp where once I fire it the projectile will go off in the fired direction without me, and then the entirety of whispers gun just stops working altogether. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the mod but to no avail

below I have attached a video and a screenshot of the editor, if anyone has a fix for this I would greatly appreciate it

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Your version of SRB2 is outdated, the newest version is 2.2.10 which you can find here. The MT_RAY object does not exist in previous versions, which is why this error occurs.

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