What was the first version of srb2 yall played?


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yeah i played the oldest halloween the first time i saw srb2. (i wasn't on a account at the time when 109.4 and stuff came out because i left srb2 for long)
then lastly i eventually played 109.2/109.3 with absolutely no mods (i played with sms and some characters like donnyku's amy and shadow)
second i played demo 3 only to just.. play with mega man.


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When i first stepped into the world of SRB2,it was 2.2.9 on Android.It was about Novermber of 2021.I had a solid start,like i haved 2 complete safe files,and had skills in Tag,CTF and SRB2Ware.And now,i returned in 2.2.10 on Android this month.

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2.1.14, I know it was this one because i played it during 2015, and it was the most recent during then, I played it for a bit, I didn't play it alot because I found it uninteresting, and stopped playing it the same year, I started playing it again when version 2.2.2 was most recent, I didn't realize that srb2 was what I played during then, as soon as I started to play it again was when I did realize that srb2 was that game.


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I started on 2.1.X. I guess I started playing around 2016 cause i remember watching a review of the game from a doom ytber. I have loved the game ever since


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One point still stands: any games using Doom Legacy's engine are its mods,and so is SRB2 and his mods.


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2.0.3... I found this game from a free sonic games website back in 2013... But for online it was 2014 2.1.14!

My first join was on a SRB2 hub server were someone called CosmicToad<randomnumber... maybe 167> hosted then just stopped to play, I realized then they are players from real life, I decided to act annoying to them. I went one of the rooms and closed it. Someone say to me open the door. I open it he says to me "hey did you order some pizza?"... When I heard him I ran quickly and went to press the button to close the door at his face. I turn the door open again and look at him... then he asks me again if me ordered pizza... I after that left the server lol

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