What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

can we stop talking about the ws and saying "avoid the mods" it's kinda toxic to the original people.
we hate portlegs yes, but we needa stop being so relying on portlegs that makes the entire website bad.
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can't we just be on peaceful terms like jeez some of us don't want this to happen between the MB and the WS.
i personally think that while we should be on peaceful terms with the WS, we also shouldn't endorse it. The only thing that makes the WS unique in any way is less strict rules on what can be uploaded, such as portlegs being allowed, which is just kinda disrespectful to the creators of the OG mods. The only time I ever really use the WS in any way is uploading my own mods that I don't feel are good enough for the MB, like small lazy mods that I made in literally 10 minutes. And that's the way it should be; but as long as they allow portlegs, we should not endorse it in any way on this site. Portlegs are disrespectful to modders.
And I don't fit here but The Workshop is Very Tolerant for Greater Addon Storage.
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Game Banana's SRB2 community want's to work with us. The Work shop community want's to work against us.
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Ok soo
I am a member of workshop but i just use it for posting small mods or mods that prob wont go into releases for being shit

And the people there are really friendly (Most of them)
I downloaded a few mods from the Workshop and they were actually good. But I'm not endorsing them. Just saying some of the mods are good.
just a question, are people getting banned for using the srb2 workshop?
You don't get banned for having a workshop account. In a timeline where they did ban you for using it, this wouldn't be a comfortable place for many people to be real.

also its kind of funny that people backseat mod this thread trying to shut it down for a simple question. this kind of behavior does drive people away from the message board.
And I don't fit here but The Workshop is Very Tolerant for Greater Addon Storage.
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because the workshop pirates/portlegs other peoples mods and even has a section for it called the Red Sphere section. Game banana will actually take down such mods when notified.
I tried to Interrogate the Workshop Users about the Situation...
i think thats going too far, this was just a thread about me asking what was this site.
anyways thanks for all the clearup for this guys. anyways yall can stop talking about this now, this just shouldve been a 1 page thread lol

anyways what the hell glaber is here i love glaber's stuff

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