What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

pretty sure we're not allowed to discuss it but its basically just the message board for people with no respect towards creators
you're allowed to discuss these topics. but you aren't allowed to divert traffic onto the website. Don't make up that conscious rule.
This thread really gives me chills. But seriously, This thread must be locked at all costs
ok, can we please lock this thread before it gets out of hand?
I think work here is done, shut it down.
I don't see an issue with this thread other than @Mavrik making a scene in their deleted comment and that banned dude in page 1.
Other people are informing OP on what happens on the workshop and why to avoid it.
this is like the time I asked about the srb2wadarchive.
the big difference is the thread went mostly unnoticed, and the website in question died sometime later, which was a shame because it had some decent stuff on it.
what ever i am not the villain of this story
questions are the villain
yeah this thread is shit, wrap this up, board admins
If they were half the admins that we believe them to be, this thread would've been shut down already.

The whole thing of "don't use Workshop mods" becomes muddied when you realize that there is an overlap between both sites.
-Major and Minor (M&M)
-Elitay's Saturn Styled Model Pack
-Scarf The Wolf
-Plasma Metal Sonic
-Ann the Slicer
-NordPhys (called FenPhys)
-VS Metal mode
-Zombie Escape Legacy
All of these can be found here, and Workshop at the same time, with some of them being released onto workshop first.
I'm not trying to start a witch hunt, just show the absurdness of the current view on the situation.
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If they were half the admins that we believe them to be, this thread would've been shut down already.
We're not going to police people for talking about this. Locking this thread will just bury it until someone asks the same question, and won't stop people from finding the place anyway. What's the point?
can we stop talking about the ws and saying "avoid the mods" it's kinda toxic to the original people.
we hate portlegs yes, but we needa stop being so relying on portlegs that makes the entire website bad.
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can't we just be on peaceful terms like jeez some of us don't want this to happen between the MB and the WS.

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