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[Reusable] Waluigi Time! v2.0! Custom Kart! The Gold Mantis!

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The dastardly purple god of party games has made his way to SRB2Kart to pettily insult Luigi and take home the gold! Look out for WAHLUIGI, CHEATERS!

Critique & criticism appreciated.


MAJOR UPDATE (2.0) [9/20/2020]: A great deal more animations and some clean up to the old frames, he leans at any turn. The Gold Mantis has arrived! Waluigi brought his excavator from Mario DS and is ready to slam aside his opponents at [8,9] as compared to his [7,8] in the standard kart. New voice clips are also introduced, get ready to be Waluigi'd and serve your opponents on the kart.



This mod uses a wide variety of inspirations for Waluigi's design, taking his appearance in Mario Kart DS as the primary for the model, but the hats from Mario 64 DS for map markers, the MK 64 select screen with a bit of Mario Party 3, usage of lines from MK DD!! to Power Tennis to Aces to Strikers with a finish screen taken from his golf animations. It's a celebration of everything WAH and my own nostalgia.

Special thanks to Tyonic for aid in compiling when kartmarker didn't work in my first release, who was extremely helpful and patient far too late into the night, Obby Vixen for some support and aid in finding voice clips, Dimpsuu- for correcting my complete misunderstanding of how to do pixel art at the beginning of my work, and Teeznet for just hanging out and helping me get into the game, among others on the Kart Krew Discord. Of course, thanks to the Kart Krew itself for such a wonderful kart game. I wouldn't be able to do this without help and my motivation would have probably dried out. Thank you!

UPDATE 1.1 [3/5/2020]
Greatly improved the sprites and voice lines, enhanced with better resources and greater time investment.

UPDATE 1.2 [3/6/2020]
Further improvements on voice clips and sounds, small fixes to a few errors in his graphics

Plans for future updates:
Lua: change kart sound files and sound effects, add more voice lines such as when bumping into someone, possibly add more animations based on turning the wheel to tilt Waluigi's lean.

Additional plans: Double Dash Pack!! In the distant future, keep an eye out for a pack of dastardly duos in a purple, mustached car, ladies in a coach, babies in a buggy, turtles riding a shell, etc. Stages are also in the planning, be ready to get swept aside on Waluigi Pinball, surf Koopa Troopa Beach, trek across Kalimari Desert, and more. They're only in the absolute preliminary works, but they're underway.


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A significant update has been made! Put in an almost entirely replaced set of sprites and voice lines over the last day.

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