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Not much to do here but vibe.
This was intended for use with a potential future Chao Garden mod I'm working on, but people have shown an interest in having this level and it may be a long time before that mod happens so here's the level by itself for now!
Most of the mapping here was done by Jazzz, but I did contribute several sprites/textures used here such as the sky, the statues, the beach ball, and the palms that are made out of stage geometry. The music was made by AxelMoon.
This map doesn't add itself into the map rotations, so to access it use MAP MAPA0 or the MP stage select screen

v2: Adjusted the palette to be map-specific instead of global


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Chrispy, ya did it. I can't believe this. Now all we need are chao npcs and it's perfect

Uh oh I have a whoopsie.
The Vapor Garden won't load.
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So uh, how do I play this?

I downloaded the addons, selected it, and nothing seems to have changed. Am I doing something wrong?
So uh, how do I play this?

I downloaded the addons, selected it, and nothing seems to have changed. Am I doing something wrong?

The map doesn't replace any of the vanilla maps, so in order to play it you either have to use the command "map MAPA0" in SP or open a local/public server and select it from the map list.
holy guacamole, this is S P L E N D I D !
i love the statues, i love the little beach place, this is incredible
When I loaded this map and went to GFZ1 I noticed the colour of the grass was a little different; at first I thought it was my colour settings but I realised it was Vapor Garden replacing the global palette. You cold fix this by using a map-specific palette. On the topic of the map itself, I really like it. The colour scheme is really nice, and the skybox is beautiful.
An excellent, succinct hangout map with an Easter egg to boot. No surprise; considering how much work must've gone into this, I could see why you'd put this texture here for sheer kicks.
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Chao Garden mod? My ears are perked, though SRB2 using sprites might make that...tricky.

The garden itself is definitely a looker, though!

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