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Introducing Animechars, a pack regrouping a bunch of anime characters in one place, from me and other great people that wanted their personal favourites here!

There are now a total of 23 racers included, each with their own unique stats and playstyles!


We'll see you all on the starting line!


Supporters / Co-Authors:


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About time "waifuchars" and Joker got on the MB! Of course, its obvious why it couldn't be called "waifuchars" anymore... But still, welcome to releases!
Hi it turns out I was an idiot and Serval's turn frames were messed up. This is fixed now. Oops.
Serval? Neptune? The silver haired girl from that one anime I watched like ten years ago but keep forgetting the name of? Alright, this is seriously epic. You know, some other anime Jokers came to my mind when I saw the name under an animechars.pk3 thread.
Anyway this whole pack is pretty darn good. Sprites are great and already found myself loving Neptune as a playable character.
Finally, a place to download these characters that isn't from a in-game server.
As a heads up, there's only a bit more than 24 hours left before the poll closes.
2B, Ryuko and Pyra are looking like to be the winners for now but hey I guess things can still change!!
So go make your vote count, if you haven't already!

Could make the difference between someone else's trash waifu and something else you deem not too trash passing instead!
The results are in thanks to all of you who voted (I really didn't expect that many votes), 2B, Ryuko and Pyra will definitely happen at some point!

But fret not, even if your favourite didn't make it to top 3, that doesn't mean I won't end up doing it anyway :^)
I'm gonna main Ryuko when she comes out! I already main Kanade and Sinon (especially since they have silimar stats to my mains Tails and Knuckles.)
Animechars Mk.II!

Hi everyone, it's been a while! ...Uh, new release, I guess!!

Version 2.0

  • Added Pyra (3, 8) from Xenoblade 2, one of the poll winners!
  • Added Tohru (9, 8) from Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon, by TelosTurntable
  • Changes to the existing characters:
  • Kanade:
    • Revamped sprites entierely, better anatomy and shading
  • Sinon:
    • Revamped sprites entierely, better anatomy and shading. Thanks to TelosTurntable (I will keep linking his damn name to his account until the end of this post) !
  • Serval:
    • Revamped sprites entierely. She should now be a lot more on-model.
    • Cleaner map icon by LJStar
  • Joker:
    • Joker was made slightly taller because let's be real, he barely rivaled Neptune in terms of height.
    • His eyes are now red in the sprites too to match his signpost and MD2. It also offers a great color contrast when using darker colours like black.
  • Neptune:
    • Changed her prefcolour to Bubblegum which was more fitting than Lilac, bless the new colours!
    • Updated her hair shine and A3 head. (Thanks to TelosTurntable again!)
    • Updated signpost and wanted because they honestly looked terrible.
    • Updated her icon to use the little Neptune "N" as her head was too similar to the newly added Pyra.

What about the other poll winners? No one asked for Tohru!
Well screw you I did ask for it as a joke and Telos was too bored and made her anyway. Poll winners are just confirmed and will be made at some point, but in no way are characters that lost or weren't in the poll discarded. Expect some surprise additions with each update!

"new" Anime safety policy (tm) (R) (C)
Making a single characters sucks. Because you release it, and no one uses it because it's not part of a pack and gets drowned in all the other releases. This is why, if you make an anime character* as a one-shot and don't want it to be lost in the depths of forgotten releases, I whole heartedly accept to throw it in this pack and will of course add credit where credit is due. Just contact me on Discord or SRB2MB PMs.
Please do note that this isn't an attempt to just steal work and get credit for it myself, this pack happens to be hosted by some popular servers among others, and as a fellow filthy weeb I think this is a good way to keep all the good anime stuff people make safe from never being used ever in spite of their best efforts being put into the character when they don't want to make other characters to mash together into a pack.

*It can also be from a game that just looks anime, like Persona for instance. Also if your character is from a yuri I'll accept it directly because research purposes.
*Though it goes without saying I can't accept overly explicit stuff, so hold your horses on the lewd if you consider doing this.
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Do you have plans for making Sora? I am trying to do It using the KH Chain of Memories but I can make any progress
Sora sounds like he'd be a good candidate - well, better than he was for being a keyblade master, apparently. He'd also make a pretty solid vessel

... I'll add him to the list.
Version 3.0 release

Hello again everyone, well I guess it hasn't been that long, but nevertheless, I announce you that you can now be a huge weeb, again, and again. And again.

Version 3.0
  • Added Ryuko (8, 5) from Kill la Kill, another poll winner!
  • Added 2B (6, 9) from NieR: Automata, the last poll winner brought to you by zxyspku
  • Added Maki (5, 5) from Love Live! by Triple-Q, this meme can now keep living strong!
  • Added Kaiji (8, 7) from Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji by SuperJustinBros
  • Sinon:
    • Removed the mythical stray pixel

Alright that'll be it for a while on my end! You can expect to see a few more of these surprise updates with some more out-of-the-blue characters coming out soon-ish (tm)
Have never been a huge fan of the influx of anime mods we have for Kart, but I love that this pack is getting contributions from multiple authors now!
Drown this game comunity in anime and watch everything burn! Unleash hell!

great mod by the way.
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