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Princess Draykon

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Have you ever gotten so frustrated with a conversation that you stay up until 6AM making a minor tweak WAD to prove some kind of vague point about gamefeel?

This WAD adds a few small visual effects to Fang's popgun to increase juiciness. There's now a small shockwave as you shoot, and the corks will bounce off of enemies and linger on the ground for a bit. Because of the way this is implemented, it will occasionally bounce and kill a second enemy. I wanted to change the sound effect too, but I couldn't find anything good enough.

The goal is to address the feeling of Fang's gun feeling weak and dinky, while still preserving his transformative gameplay, without going so far as to make it feel like an actual gun.


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This actually makes Fang's gun feel surprisingly better. It's also nice to have a solid indication of "yes you just shot something".

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