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Mid-tier Pixel Artist
"You can never have too many Sonics!"

-Sonic, probably

Tw. C. Sonic meaning, Twins' Crappy (or crusty) Sonic is a project I started a little while ago, so I could practice my art style and have fun with it while I go along.

However, this isn't my best, and motivation just kinda.... stopped after completing that last few frames.

But, I did learn quite a bit from this project that I could use with future projects.

Anyways, since this is a Sonic, he has the exact same stats as Sonic.

Amazing handling and speed, but due to his awful acceleration and low weight, you have to continue using drift boosts and defensive items to stay ahead of the game!



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Fishead Lad
Cool sprites and coloration! And this is gonna get Into the Sonic-Verse, cause i'm making a Sonic mod too lol.

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