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Say hello to the Turbo Flash Pack! This pack includes some maps I made in the past along with a few new ones. Some of the new ones you see here were a part of another pack called "Kart Mania," but since some stuff didn't work out too well during the collaboration, I've decided to take my tracks out and put them into a pack of my own! A few of my old maps have went under a large amount of updates since their previous threads.

Current slots for each map:
- V0
- V1
- V2
- V3
- V4
- V5
- V6
- V7

Green Park: Green Park is back with an entirely redone layout! A very easy 2-lap course traversing through a huge park merging nationality and recreation grounds! The time of the day even changes in later areas...

Roundabout Wasteland: A quick and simple drive around an abandoned desert. A 5-lapper, but plenty of turns to keep you on your feet.

Sakura Forest: Race through this blooming cherry blossom forest surrounded by many cliffs, rocks, and rivers. Watch out for the jumping fish as your driving!

Techno Station: Based off of FoxBlitzz's old SRB2 2.0 circuit map Race Alley, I give you, Techno Station! A blast to the past! Leans towards the intermediate side of things, but not too difficult to master.

Splash Heights: We're sky high. Fling yourself off jumps, maintain your balance on cliffs, and drift store to the best of your ability to stay ahead of the competition! Use those shortcuts whenever you can to catch up!

Sepia Swamp: Race across this spooky, wilted, and polluted swamp. Thematically-wise, this track is inspired by the Ghost-Island levels from Pac-Man World 2. This track is also tough, so be on your toes! (Credit goes to Ninferno for letting me use one of his Hadal Trench seaweeds for this map).

Blistering Shelter: Stuff's heating up! Race through this magma-surrounded cavern and avoid being burnt to a crisp! Compared to the previous map, this one's an overall simple 4-lapper.

V2.2a changes:

Roundabout Wasteland
  • Fixed a fence not being marked as solid.

Sakura Forest
  • Fixed another misplaced death plane.
  • Made a few adjustments to the last shortcut to discourage edge grinding off it.

Splash Heights
  • The launch points at the far left should no longer make you bonk off the cliff. (It had a tendency to send you back to a previous area as well).
  • Added an extra barrier to the rocky bridge.

Sepia Swamp
  • Extra barriers have been added to prevent exploitable waterskips. (To a degree at least).

V2.2 changes:
  • A majority of maps have had their level select pictures updated.
  • Fixed a few looppoints on some maps.
  • Green Park, Techno Station, Splash Heights, and Sepia Swamp have had their minimaps updated.
  • All encore palettes except for Roundabout Wasteland have been updated.
  • The OLD Green Park has been moved to MAP HELL.

Green Park
  • Layout's been completely redone! (It's also free of tree stumps).

Roundabout Wasteland
  • Sloped the first U-turn to improve its visibility.
  • Made the sneaker panel near the end harder to go for.
  • Widened a few areas to prevent them from becoming death traps for Mines.
  • Slightly more scenery has been added to the cave.

Sakura Forest
  • Small visual changes have been made.
  • The SDURFs have been made bigger so players have an easier time spotting them. Their placements have also been changed again. (Hitbox sizes are still the same, don't worry).
  • The straightaway of smooth slopes have been altered to reduce blindness overall. (The hill leading to the second river can also be seen exiting now).
  • The second river section now has ramps in front of the pitfalls to reduce chokepoints. The offroad patch preceding them has also been removed.
  • The hill leading to the divided bridge has been moved further back so players have more time to react to it.
  • In addition to this change, the arrows have been moved closer to each other and have been raised. It also no longer kills players outright if they fail to make a decision.
  • The left path of the bridge now has a sneaker panel to balance it out with the right.
  • A couple of holes at the bridge have been removed.
  • Widened the turn leading to the waterfall section to improve its visibility a bit.
  • Fixed an offroad patch being marked as a death plane. (Thanks Seaside and Ibuki)!
  • Removed a pit at the end of the map.

Techno Station
  • A few areas have had some of their turns straightened outwards. This also ends up helping the pool split section, which players now have more time to react to.
  • More sneaker panels have been added to the map.
  • Widened the road width in a few areas. Most notably the first tunnel section.
  • Community Resource textures are now used in the map!!!

Splash Heights
  • Widened the turn at the start of the map.
  • More checkpoints have been added.
  • The offroad on said turn now has its inclines properly aligned, making the cut stronger.
  • Added railings just before the second turn.
  • A few barriers have been added to the rocky bridge.
  • The cave section has gotten a big overhaul in visuals.
  • Patches of offroad have been added around the edges of the section.
  • Replaced two sets of red spring panels. One with sloped sneaker panels, and the other with blue springs. This change was done to make Grow less busted going to the last section.
  • Buffed the cave shortcut.
  • The last turn has been modified.
  • Fixed a death plane oversight involving Grow at the cave launch.
  • Added more checkpoints.
  • Other visual changes.

Sepia Swamp
  • Cave section has been reworked to make it significantly more netgame-friendly.
  • The swamp water can now be skipped off of.
  • Raised the elevation of the road and water in the first swamp section.
  • Visual changes have been made to make the map a little bit easier to sight-read in some areas.
  • Reduced the road width in a few areas.
  • The straightaway leading to the final section has been extended.
  • Added an extra boost pad.

Blistering Shelter
  • Removed some bits of translucency at the beginning of the map to address some major framerate issues.
  • Reduced the sharpness of the first and second turns.
  • Altered the placement of the first sneaker panel and added a second one.
  • Added more guardrails to the map.
  • The first shortcut has been changed and no longer repels approaching players. (I honestly regret that bandaid...)
  • Added better ceiling indicators for the falling lava.
  • Getting hit into the offroad at the two U-turns should now be less punishing.
  • Sloped the turn leading to the outside section.
  • Added more checkpoints.
  • Covered parts of the outside with a thok barrier to address some framerate problems.
  • The colormap in the cave areas have been made less extreme.
  • Fixed some areas not being marked as death planes.

V2.1 changes:
  • The item boxes on several maps are more tightly packed together so they aren't easy to miss.

Green Park
  • Fixed a softlock problem at the beginning of the map.
  • NOTE: This will be the last update to feature this version of Green Park. An entire revamp of this track will replace this in the next version.

Roundabout Wasteland
  • A little more scenery has been added to the cave.
  • U-turn arrows are now used in the map.

Sakura Forest
  • Minimap adjustments have once again been made.
  • I think I'm in love with decorating this track.
  • The offroad at the first U-turn is smaller and comes up a little later so that it can't be lawnmowered as easily.
  • The amount of fish on the track has been slightly reduced.
  • Some more checkpoints were added.
  • Added a boost pad.

Techno Station
  • The pillars that hold some of the pipe overhangs are now extended into the water.
  • The shortcut at the pool split can no longer be taken without a sneaker or invincibility. The boost pads that are in it also have use a light block as an indicator of where they are placed.
  • The hills at the halfpipe section are significantly less steep so they don't obscure the turns as much. They are also a bit stronger to take now.
  • More visuals were added.
  • Added a custom arrow sign just before the turn into the tunnel. The hill leading to it is also less steep to make the road more visible.
  • Reduced the amount of crates leading to the halfpipes.

Splash Heights
  • Thumbnail has been updated.
  • Even, more, death, plane, fixes...
  • The final shortcut has been removed. It is instead replaced with a shortcut in the cave area.
  • Added a silly little easter egg at the waterfall. Can you find it? :)
  • The spring panels at the rocky bridge have been extended into the offroad.
  • Players are now granted a few frames of intangibility during the launch into the cave. This was done to hopefully decrease death pit jank.
  • Small visual changes were made in a few areas.

Sepia Swamp
  • Updated thumbnail.
  • A majority of the fog in the map has been removed to accommodate for readability issues.
  • Variated the textures and visuals in many areas so everywhere you look isn't just "brown." It was also done so the map doesn't look as bland.
  • Made the bridges and few other parts of the track wider.
  • The U-turn after the previous one at the evil tree is much wider and less precise to turn across. The minimap and shortcut as a result has been updated.
  • Removed some bits of scenery at the end of of the map due to major FPS issues.
  • The colormap is much brighter now.
  • Other big visual changes.

Blistering Shelter
  • A new shortcut has been added to the map.
  • The cycles for the lavafalls have been changed. A better texture has also been used to see where they're gonna fall from.
  • The S-turn bit is slightly wider.

V2 changes:
  • A few maps use a couple of U-turn signs now to help navigate across maps with U-turns easier. Credit goes to SoupBowler64 for letting me use one of his U-turn textures.
  • NEW MAP: Blistering Shelter Zone!

Roundabout Wasteland
  • The item set amount has been reduced to 1 to help make catchup less difficult in large netgames. Because of this, the item set has been moved further.
  • Fences are now solid midtextures instead of invisible FOFs.

Sakura Forest
  • Minimap has been slightly adjusted again.
  • Even more visual touch-ups have been made.
  • Dashing across the rocky jumps should be more consistent now.
  • The second forest area's road stumps are now gone.

Techno Station
  • Utilized a few U-turn signs to make a few of the turns easier to follow properly.
  • Removed a few of the rings in the pipe area.
  • The last U-turn no longer has a death pit around the corner. This makes the turn much wider.
  • Edited some parts of the minimap.
  • A few visual updates were made.

Splash Heights
  • Gave some areas a few QoL changes.
  • The final shortcut is much different and less powerful now.
  • A fence now blocks the first pit so players who get hit by Orbinauts aren't sent directly backwards into it.

Sepia Swamp
  • A majority of the turns have been widened considerably to benefit bottom right characters better.
  • Many visual upgrades have been made to the map to not only make it look better, but to help readability cause less confusion.
  • The third bridge just before turning around the evil tree now has guardrails so Grow users don't blindly fall into the swamp water.
  • Some minimap edits were made.
  • More checkpoints were added.
  • The vertical rocky rings are much thinner.

V1.3 changes:

Green Park
  • Omitted more stumps.
  • The last section in the night area is much brighter now.

Sakura Forest
  • Readjusted the minimap a bit.
  • Made some small visual touch-ups.

Techno Station
  • Moved the second set of item boxes a bit further into tunnel. This no longer makes the first turn in it obscured.
  • The U-turn after the two sets of halfpipes is now sloped upwards and is more wider. Extra visuals were also added to it to make the viewing of what's coming up more noticeable.
  • The toxic puddles in the pool split area have been removed.

Splash Heights
  • The small pond at the beginning is much more shallow and is no longer a death pit.
  • The conveyor now has multiple launching points. This means players
    are much less likely to be item trapped while being catapulted in one position.

Sepia Swamp
  • The last section now has blue lines across the edges. This should make the offroad easier to distinguish.
  • In addition to the first change, the final area has been slightly brightened

V1.2a changes:

Splash Heights
  • Fixed a major exploit that allowed you to cut across a gap between the bridge and the grass.

V1.2 changes:
  • All minimaps should line up correctly now.
Green Park
  • Omitted a few of the tree stumps.
Roundabout Wasteland
  • The wall at the final turn has been replaced with a patch of offroad. This should make taking the boost pad path less risky.
  • Made a few offroad patches weaker.
Sakura Forest
  • The layout has been heavily altered to take netgames into consideration, and the map should overall be easier to play on now.
  • Due to the vast changes to the layout, the minimap has been re-created.
Techno Station
  • Made some small changes to the finish line.
  • Made that one turn in the pipe area more visible.
  • The glue on the second turn is now gone.
  • Waypoints near the end have been fixed.
Splash Heights
  • More death plane fixes.
  • The first two fences in the last section are solid now.
  • Added a leading line to the section with the big spring jump.
  • All the spring panels can be seen from a distance now.
Sepia Swamp
  • Similar to Splash Heights, the spring panels can be seen from certain distances now.
  • Removed the blood splat next to the second sneaker panel.
  • The final turn is a tad bit wider now.
  • Added a few fences across some of the corners near the end to prevent players from recovering at an unfavorable angle.
V1.1 changes:

Roundabout Wasteland
  • Applied a bit of mobjscale to make the map easier to play in large netgames.
  • Sand pit has been shortened to make turning around it easier.
Techno Station
  • Sector-attached pillars across some of the turns are now walls.
Splash Heights
  • The death plane near the beginning of the map has been fixed.
V1 changes:
  • Initial release

Eldog and many others: For the community resource textures used in Green Park and Techno Station.

Monster Iestyn: For his skybox change lua used in Green Park.

MK: For letting me use some of his custom textures (both Masters Pack and Alternate Match Maps), in Green Park.

Ninferno: For letting me use one of his Hadal Trench sprites for Sepia Swamp.

Lat': For a lua script that changes the sizes of SRB2 enemies.

SoupBowler: For letting me use his U-turn textures.

More courses will come in later updates.

Criticism and feedback would be very helpful!


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I decided to give this a try, and while it's of good quality, I have a few complaints to make.

The first complaint is minor, but it's the fact that you added in a custom save file for this pack. Which, if you had medals for the pack, would be okay with me, but as there are none included, I feel this is an unneeded addon as otherwise, the pack would be playable in Record Attack normally.

The next one is... Minimaps. At times, it feels like the minimaps are off to me, as shown in the images I've attached.

Now, regarding the courses:

Green Park - I do like the concept of the time of day changing as the map progresses, but I feel like there have been other maps which have done it better, partly by having the change in time being in a tunnel where you can't see the sky. Otherwise, this wasn't too bad

Roundabout Wasteland - I really liked this track, although I will admit you placed the sinkhole in the right place where when I would normally naturally boost over it, I don't have enough time to recover before hitting the wall. Which I feel is a good thing - it encourages people to think about when they use their sneakers.

Sakura Forest - I will admit that the minimap caused a couple more issues here, as during the start of one of the water sections, it suggested that there was a shortcut through the waterfall. But there isn't. Also, a few guard rails on the platforms in the bit where you're on wooden walkways would be good, but as you said, it's not easy for first-timers.

Techno Station - Hey, I remember Race Alley back when SRB2 had Circuit mode! And this is a great recreation of it! Possibly the map of this pack I enjoyed the most!

Splash Heights - I will admit, this map has a few flaws which reduced my enjoyment of it, such as what I felt was an unneeded spring pad section before the speed pad-to-red springs which I would feel could have been done better. Plus, there are times when I had no idea I was about to hit a spring pad during the parts when you're racing in shallow water.

Sepia Swamp - Some of the visuals confused me somewhat, and there even was a death plane if you tried to cut a corner a bit too tight near the end which I felt was cheap. But otherwise, this was a good, tricky map.

As it stands right now, I'd say it's a solid 6/10 overall, or a 7/10 once the minimaps are fixed.


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Just wanted to say Green Park is my personal favourite chill circuit for just being such a pleasant track to drive on, and the amount of detail in each section is top-notch. Fun to see the Chao just having a good time in each section. As Lat said, though, the final transition from night to day could use some improvement.
I'm REALLY sorry for the sudden update after dropping 1.2 yesterday. There was a super broken exploit in Splash Heights that I had to push a hotfix for. See changelog for details. I apologize for any inconveniences.
Yet another update is available for Turbo Flash Pack! See changelog for details! This will probably be the last update for a while unless there's a huge bug in the pack I need to fix quickly.
Not sure if two weeks is considered a "while" but aside from that, a siginificant update for Turbo Flash Pack is available! The one thing I will explain is that a few maps use a few U-turn signs for directioning. Here's a reminder of what a U-turn sign looks like:


Credit goes to SoupBowler64!

A new map has finally been made for this pack too: Blistering Shelter!


The rest of the details for this update are in the changelog!


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It's been a while hasn't it? Well I'm finally happy to announce that V2.2 (yes I see the number), of Turbo Flash Pack is finally out with the new Green Park and a plethora of QoL updates to maps! I know it's been well OVER 5 months since the preceding update and I apologize for it. Trust me, I wanted to release this update much earlier, but quite a few things have kept me from doing so.

SRB2 2.2's release, general laziness, slow visual work with the new Green Park, and concentration on IRL events factor in to why this update took so long. However, I'm proud to say that this pack is back, and I promise the next patch won't take as long as this one did.
As always, details about the map changes are present in the changelog!
A quick hotfix has been released. There were some major oversights that someone pointed out to me in this pack, and I had to fix them quickly. See changelog for details, and sorry for the inconvenience again.
This is one of my favorite community packs for its accessible design and consistent map quality.

The new Green Park is a great improvement in both gameplay and visuals. I do question these pez dispensers though:

Also, while the visuals in your maps are usually good, Sakura Forest desperately needs both a custom palette with better pinks and larger leaf textures. Your alleged foliage looks more like slabs of undercooked poultry when strewn over large areas.


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Hello, hope this post finds you well. I've found a softlock that would be important for you to address come next patch in Sepia Swamp!


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During some free play tests, I accidentally fell in this spot in Sepia Swamp and it wasn't considered a death pit so I had to use the respawn command to get out of it.