[Thread no longer being Updated] Raph the Bird (My Avatar lol) [v1.1]


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This thread is no longer being updated, This character has been bundled into a pack.


My first Kart character, i thought i could put my Forces-sona (My Avatar) into Kart for fun.

Featurimes voice clips i voice-acted myself (probably crap quality lol), which marks this character wad as my official Voice reveal.

Speed: 5, Weight: 4
Pref. Color: Teal

v1 - initial release
v1.1 - Changed Signpost art


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A fan of this cool game since the PSP days.
Woohoo he is now a part of srb2 kart, my day is made better
Hello, I'm The happy fox and I wanted to say from the beginning that I think your avatar is great, but I have a doubt, and maybe you ignore me, but you are not interested in being your avatar for SRB2, the normal one, sincerely it would seem something to me! , and it would be one of my famous characters ^ w ^

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