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[Reusable] There are no buses in Mobius! Cirno joins the Grand Prix...? (PK3 supported!)

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Some hack
That's right, the infamous ice fairy is now playable in SRB2Kart. After her humiliating defeat at the hands of Chill Penguin, she's back to prove she's the strongest on the track. Because she is indeed the strongest, her top speed is maximum and she can't be pushed around the track. Though despite what she may have you believe, she isn't without her cornering and acceleration are terrible. Just remember to take it easy when approaching the courses.


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I know I once talked about how there were so many lighterweight characters in 'Kart and we needed more heavies, but this seems... a bit mismatched. Still, excelent work, welcome to releases!


sonic heroes is a good game
haha funny ice fairy go brrrr

I love this character, and so does my sis.

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