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The Exiled Island v0.9 (+v1.0 indev A3)

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WHERE is Forgotten Fortress 2????!!??

Don't worry: it's being worked on as said above. I'm about to put in lots of production of v1.0.

Also this update just adds FFZ3 so... yeah not much.

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More SVZ1 v1.0 indev screenshots:

Screenshot 2023-12-18 192807.png

Screenshot 2023-12-18 193038.png

Screenshot 2023-12-18 193127.png

Screenshot 2023-12-18 193228.png
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Do not worry about the thread being dead for the moment. Most likely, a lot of people who commented already played a recent version of the pack and are just waiting for enough new content to drop.
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v1.0 Early Access

Hey guys!

I decided to release v1.0 pretty early. Why? Well, I believe that the full version of v1.0 is probably going to take till May or June. Maybe even July.

Now I'm also founding a team with only one person: "Bad Level Design Team".

Now, of course I could get some team members in... but that would probably be at a cost. So it's just me for now.

What are some changes v1.0 indev A1?

- Sapphire Valley Remake (SVZ2 is way unfinished though.)
- Intro & Title Screen

...that's it.


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Hey there ExenP3570, i found a not a fix place that i found.

this is with OpenGL


here on software


May you can fix it quick
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yea that's all i found ._.
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WoW?11!?? aN ooPdatE aLreeeeeeeAdY?

Well, there were some bugs found in a slope with a untextured wall. I fixed that I guess.

Also, new fonts from a reusable addon! Check it out:

That's it for today.

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Spoilers for Version 0.9:

There actually is a disco room in Wasteland Factory Zone Act 2 in the tunnel at the end. Usually this could be found in multiplayer while the other players are catching up.

Wait... what is that thing in the disco room under there?
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I plan on removing some chemicals from Wasteland Factory.

First off, the Yellow Ring Drain. I honestly think this chemical is basically stupid. All it does is drain your rings, which doesn’t really matter because it doesn't kill you and you can just recollect them right after emerging out of it.

The Blue Chemical is basically just a death pit FOF, which is kinda useless. Though I would replace this with the acidic Green Chemical, as it really isn't used often in the current state.

Finally, the Red Chemical. I really don't know how I would implement this. It's gimmick is interesting, but there is the planned Zapped Eggship Zone that already uses this.
More about Wasteland Factory in v1.0:

For starters, it's gonna be more like Techno Hill Zone Act 1, being more outside two-thirds of the time.

Act 2 is going to be kinda like Act 1 though, so that's something.

Fun Fact: This is actually the second iteration of Wasteland Factory 1 & 2, them not having a bug fix or extensions to them
Here is they new Sapphire Valley 3 Arena: Sweet & Simple.


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New Zone Order & Description (Not much has changed.)

- Sapphire Valley (A lush field Sonic & friends go through to find the dastardly Eggman trying to take control of the Southside Islands.)
- Wasteland Factory (A factory Eggman quickly made in the 2 months after he landed. Be carful of the different chemicals!)
- Forgotten Fortress (An old fortress Eggman took over during the 2 months, perhaps we can find more about The Exiles... *lore moment*)
- Yellowstone Canyon (A dried up canyon, but Eggman didn't affect this Zone that much, something else might have happened...)
- Sunken Sea (A early ancient city The Exiles had built at first, but they left due to the constant flooding.)
- Nimbus Heights (You climb up the Mt. Elba to meet the feisty cold base of the mountain.)
- Lava Liftoff (Apparently, Mt. Elba is a volcano. The Black Rock and Egg Rock landed here... Get ready to face the ruins of the great machine!)
- Zapped Eggship (The Egg Rock has launched! Now, Sonic & friends have to bring it down once again!)
- Digital Dungeon [Requires All Emeralds, that's all you need to know. No spoilers! ;) ]

Bonus Levels

- Radical Reef (A amusement park built in a volcano, certainly no safety precaution issues!)
- Honeycomb Hill (A lush land filled with honey.)
- Glacial Palace (A side of the Nimbus Heights Zone you check, it's a castle!)
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After finishing WFZ1 (which I got some progress on), I'm (might start) using Ultimate Zone Builder for later maps then. Perhaps I won't use it, now that I'm being new to UDMF maps.

Screenshot 2024-02-11 111242.png

A screenshot Linedef Land Zone Act 1, Exen's UDMF Testing Room.
Finally, after being sick for a while, I started to work on SVZ2 again. It looks so good so far. I'm adding a scrolling cloud above the sky box to make it a little bit more like Greenflower.


I might also start making some of these levels for the OLDCs, so you (might) see some levels there. Still, maybe.

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