Hey gamers here's my little thread for characters I finished. Most of the resources when making these characters come from The Sounds/Models/Sprites resource. It is an excellent website if you need to source game material in any way. I in no way own most of these characters aside from my own self made character.


Name: bojack_horseman
Real name: Bojack
Prefix: BOJK

Back in the 90's he was in a tv show. Bojack is a sorta heavy build character at [8.6]. Not much to say other that he has a habit for yelling at Todd when he's stressed. Oh yeah also I used the model sheets to trace some bits of his head so if he looks a bit off it's because of that.


Name: techniunderscore
Real name: Techni
Prefix: TECH

Hey dat me! Techni is my really edgy oc that I use for pretty much everything. He's my first character I made and I liked how he turned out. Techni_ is a combination of a lot of things I like which is Daft Punk, obsidian black, Justice, and colorable capes. He has the same stats as metal sonic because he's my default main and I really like metal sonic. Lastly, he gets really mad when hit.


Name: mothmansmt
Real name: Mothman
Prefix: MOTH

Mothman, everyone's favorite SMT demon, is here. When he drifts he expands his wings! It's his only way of control because he doesn't have any other method to control the cart since he can't grab the steering wheel! Mothman also features sounds from SMT 3 Nocturne. If you are familiar with those its demons you may recognize some of the sounds!


Name: cornjsrf
Real name: Corn
Prefix: CORN

Corn, (also known as cone and tab) from Jet Set Radio Future is now here! Whenever he drifts he has a tendency to keep his big stupid hat in check. Go for the gold and win the race to tag the goalpost! He features pretty much what you'd expect from him as well. He has his jsrf voice and he has some Easter eggs here and there.

That's it for now if I make any other new characters it'll be here!


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Mothman has been added. I actually got done with him surprisingly quick. I might redraw the winning sign if I have time or energy. For now though he's out for the public

Thank you guys for the feedback. I have a bunch of Ideas that I'll slowly finish and if I find any groundbreaking art tech I'll see if I can add it in to some of the finished sprites.

Corn is done! I'm really happy we now have the original trio of the ggs from future playable in some fashion. Plus corn is my main dude from future so I'm really glad I can pretend I'm tricking off ramps :.)
Awesome job on Corn! We get more Jet Set in SRB2K and the Future trio is complete. I especially like how you added graffiti to the spin out animation. Nice touch!
Hey yall! New update ready to go here's the files for it.


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