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I have decided to merge all the models that I have already released into one pack, and add to it instead of releasing a ton of these things. The old threads will be kept for archival purposes, but they will not be updated.

v1 : Initial Release
v1.1 : Added Jet Fumes to Shadow Android's shoes, along with a new model for his bullets. Shadow Android's shooting animation was also changed to look less weird while moving.
v1.2 : Added Shuffle SMS.
v1.3 : Added Shrimp before it was cool.
v1.4 : Added Fludd.

Wizard Sonic
Wizard Tails
Wizard Knuckles
Black Eggman
Playable Black Eggman
Shadow Android
Shadow Android's bullets
Milne's Crystal Shield
Shuffle SMS & HMS
Fludd (NEW!)

Instant Sonic: For making Black Eggman originally.
SSNTails: For making Wizard Sonic and Tails originally.
Logan McCloud: For ripping the SMG from Shadow the Hedgehog.
SEGA / Sonic Team: for making The original Shadow Android model and SMG, and also for being cool enough to not care that we use / modify their content.
Nintendo: For making the Fludd model.

To install, drag and drop the PHANTO folder into the models folder, and enter this info into your models.dat

uglyknux PHANTO/WIZARD/SSN_Knuckles.md3 3.2 0.0
chrispymarriage PHANTO/WIZARD/SSN_Knuckles.md3 3.2 0.0
lessunique PHANTO/WIZARD/SSN_Tails.md3 3.2 0.0
ssntails PHANTO/WIZARD/SSN_Tails.md3 3.2 0.0
handdrawn PHANTO/WIZARD/SSN_Sonic.md3 3.2 0.0
ssnsonic PHANTO/WIZARD/SSN_Sonic.md3 3.2 0.0
BRAK PHANTO/Brak.md3 6.25 0.0
brakeggman PHANTO/PlayerBrak.md3 3.125 0.0
BRKP PHANTO/PlayerBrak.md3 3.125 0.0
shadowandroid PHANTO/ShadowAndroid.md3 3.0 0.0
BEAM PHANTO/BEAM.md3 4.0 0.0
CYSH PHANTO/MilneShield.md3 3.0 0.0
SMS PHANTO/SMS.md3 3.0 0.0
SMSO PHANTO/SMS.md3 3.0 0.0
HMSO PHANTO/HMS.md3 3.0 0.0
shrimp PHANTO/Shrimp.md3 3.0 0.0
SHRI PHANTO/Shrimp.md3 6.5 0.0
FLDP PHANTO/Fludd.md3 3.0 0.0


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Just Luxis

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Wonderful job SuperPhanto!
I really was waiting to see an Shadow Android with an goddamn Shotgun, but in 3D.


CEO of Reminiscences
Why is there shadow with a gun here?

Because guns are cool!
And so is this model pack. It's really nice to see those characters finally get a model, not to mention they look pretty good too, keep up the good work, Phanto!

Pc-98 Fan

they stole my waifu, but not my husbando! >:)
really like the Shadow Android model, it might not be orange, but fair enough

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actually, nevermind, forget about it, the model is orange in game


Bad at every videogame ever
Updated to v1.2! I have added Shuffle SMS, and edit of Sonic from Sonic Shuffle, who actually turns back into Sonic when dying or entering NiGHTS mode!

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