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I find it interesting that Mario doesn't keep the shield, but rather changes into the power up that said shield gives, and vice versa when changing into other characters.


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DirkTheHusky updated Super Mario with a new update entry:

Day one hot-fix update

Well, we knew this was coming eventually.

- Fixed certain Ice Flower monitors in Frozen Hillside not working
- Fixed a Lua error with emeralds.lua
- Attempted to fix Mario's overalls breaking from a Lua error that resulted from an unknown bug
- Fixed a softlock and weird errors resulting from dying while stunned from getting hit
- Fixed Mario bugging out upon getting hit when other Lua scripts returned true on a MobjDamage hook
- Amy's hearts no longer override Mario's Fire Flower powerup

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Super fun! Mario's moveset feels great to use, and I love the sound effects used! I can recognize Mario & Luigi sounds for the hammer, which I absolutely love. And of course, the idea that Mario uses powerups straight from the Mario games is wonderful! I do have a few issues, though.
I can't help but feel the wall jump is a bit weak. You can't wall-jump off the same wall MMX style, and that's fine, but going half the height of a regular jump when the triple jump exists feels weak. That, and in CEZ2 there were a lot of walls I just couldn't wall-jump from for some reason. Combine that with the dive not granting ANY height and some muscle memory from Odyssey and, well, I bumped into many a wall. Finally, the weak wall-jumping means the combo of long-jumping into a wall-jump feels weak, and that's a super satisfying combo in 64. (though I'm very glad it made it in at all)
I also don't like how I lose the hammer when I get a fire flower, or a cape feather. Considering that even in base SRB2 using the fire flower lets you throw them with the fire button without disrupting any character's moveset - I see little reason to remove the hammer. Yeah, you got a cape spin and a projectile but sometimes a hammer is just what you need. I mean, I don't think you can bust through walls with a fireball. That, and the hammer acts as a neat last-ditch doublejump quite often for me, so I hate losing that.
I noticed sometimes I dived in the wrong direction, usually after a wall-jump. After some testing, I think it happens if you too quickly go from the ground-pound to the dive. I'm not sure if the dive from the dive-attack option has a similar issue.
Yeah, I played with the dive-attack option off. Bit of a hammer fiend. That said, the kicker was actually the cape feather. Trying to move, jump, and continuously spin-attack with the cape while trying not to accidently dive every time I jump was reason enough to keep it off.
Using the fire/altfire buttons for powerups is a bit inconsistent. For the fire flower, it's allowed. For the cape, no. Ice flower, yeah. Actually, every flower lets you shoot with fire. Balloon, nah. Super form? Lets you shoot gold flower projectiles AND spin with fire/altfire! Which... euhh??? You couldn't spin the cape with fire as Cape Mario though??
I absolutely love how the vanilla SRB2 fire flower just... turns you into Fire Mario. Not sure why I expected anything different. (a part of me was expecting a different powerup, a part of me was expecting to see the basic SRB2 Fire Flower effect)
I love how every shield has a replacement powerup. After I finished a playthrough, I just used objectplace to place every shield monitor to see what replaced what. Super cool!
Finally... a funny bug! Huzzah! Turns out, if you just hold the attack button to make Mario explode from the P-Balloon form, but keep interrupting the process with a ground pound, Mario just gets bigger and bigger, and bigger.
This is just phenomenal work! This character goes above and beyond and changes the gameplay up into something absolutely stellar!
Seeing Mario's SMBZ Super Form brought a happy tear to my eye too, especially the music! The one thing I think could make that even better is if we got a loud, reverbed "HERE WE GO!!!" upon transformation like from SMBZ - it'd just make it even more epic.

This is a character I'll always be playing as, and it makes me happy knowing Nintendo ain't gonna be getting their grubby mits on this


For some reason, Left Shift doesn't work for activating the Long Jump, but if I use the other binding for Spin (Left Mouse), then it works.


This Mario feels very great with movement! Adding more SMB Paisano Power to the Srb2 wad mods! Been waiting for this Strong-tastic Star Plumber since the wad showcase early last previous month!

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