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Considering how SRB2 doesn't feature a time out feature, perhaps the "Time" portion of the UI could be made optional? It's useful as a built in method of keeping track of time in individual stages for speedrunners, but otherwise it doesn't really serve much of a purpose, and mostly just acts as a visual reference to the classic games.

Additionally, it would be nice if Score, Rings, and Lives only showed briefly when gaining/losing score, rings, or a life respectively. This could also be a toggle option to suit player preference. For speedrunning purposes as well as general use, Time should be visible at all times when enabled.


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Actually, SRB2 does have a time Over feature. It's just not used by the base game and is just there for mods


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He meant Shader support for SRB2 Android which doesn't have shaders at all.

They might do in the future since there has been work on the OpenGL ES render [Open gl for mobile essentially] which supports shaders but its still very much WIP


I got something:
Change how android version's screenshot function works, so that all the buttons and stuff like that don't show when you take a screenshot by pressing the screenshot button.
Take a drink every time you read screenshot.


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currently not possible

I mean, that's kinda the point of suggesting it, right? To make something that isn't possible possible?

Anyway, a suggestion I have is proper level transitions. The closest things we have to that currently are the endings of CEZ1, RVZ1, BCZ1, BCZ2, and BCZ3. Entering the spaceship in RVZ with the rumbling gives off that impression of lifting off and the entirety of BCZ feels super connected, with Metal Sonic's race leading directly into his boss fight arena and then the arena leads directly to Brak's arena. Having more of that in the basic levels would be pretty cool, even if it was some perspective shenanigans that shows what to expect in the next level


If you would add anything into 2.2.9, what would it be?

More Super forms, with unique abilities for each character, like what they've already done for Knuckles. Beyond that...I trust the devs to figure out what else to add. I'm very happy with where the game is already, and look forward to any other improvements they bring.

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I think Ive made a thread about this in the past. But ill post a suggestion related to it anyway. I think it would be nice if there were more options in Pandoras Box. Its been mostly unchanged since it was first added, with the exception of the new ability to add mods mid level. Although that in itself isnt very groundbreaking. So a proper update would be nice. First off, I believe you should be able to use Pandoas Box and still be able to save. You already earned everything else. Whats the point of restricting us? I believe the force super option should be moved to the extras menu where it could be toggled on and off. (although ideally I would rather if it was scrapped in favor of just giving everyone a super form) I would like if cheat commands like noclip, god, and maybe objectplace were given a spot for ease of access. How about a option to switch the srb2 shields with the 3&k shields? It would be a nice option imo. That should give ya a good idea on how I could see a new pandoas box looking.

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Here's a suggestion that'll make every Android player cry tears of joy (or anger/disappointment/sadness).

tilt controls for turning the screen, like a joystick of some sort for Android.

That's all I want, nothing more and nothing less.

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It would be nice if the addons menu also featured a sub-section for viewing which addons are already enabled. Additionally, if it's possible it would be convenient if there was an option added to disable specific addons that are already enabled without having to reboot the game.

On a (mostly) unrelated note, returning to the title screen menu without any infringing addons or cheats active should restore the game from being marked as modified so that the player can save their progress again. For example, if you load into Greenflower Zone and turn on and off god mode, then load back to the main menu, you should still be able to load into a save file and keep your progress.


You can see what mods are loaded with the "listwad" command and we cannot unload addons because some cannot be disabled(notably lua scripts).

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Alright so here's one that I want because of this mod, what I want is to be able to play the tutorial map because in my opinion it's kinda fun and mods are starting to add stuff to the tutorial map and the tutorial map music is already in the Android port so I don't really see any reason for the tutorial map to not be included but I think it should be optional though but the coding's already there so that's my suggestion of the day.

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