StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update!

StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update! v2.1

Hi there~

When updates for this returns eventually, a small QoL feature request i would like to request, is to have a console command disable Jana's electric guitar music when within proximity of a Jana player playing it. (obviously shouldn't apply if you're the Jana player playing it)

Thanks~ ❤
EDIT: Also, while this was discussed in the SRB2 Discord, so SMS Alfredo will know what i'm talking about, but i would also like to request an ease of handling either changing scrap prices by console variables, and/or the ability to downright disable specific monitors to be able to craft. As some servers dislike how easy to craft specific OP monitors on level packs/gamemodes with many enemies/map monitors to gain scraps from.
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DrStephen updated StephChars v2 - Revamp Update with a new update entry:

StephChars v4.1 - Realism Update

I have spent the past years perfecting my craft in order to bring the ultimate life forms out of hiding, and I have finally done it. I have taught my children a way to escape. They have shed their virtual coil, and ascended past the fourth wall. They live. And they are extremely marketable.


-Added Reality to Skip and Jana
-Increased Marketability rating to +75%
-Added Size 2 monitors for Skip
-Jana will now stop the entire server, blankly stare at the camera and say...

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thank you for the update stephen they're so real that skip has entered my home and will not leave please help i think he's going to hurt me


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DrStephen updated stephcahrs v4.1 - BECOME REAL update with a new update entry:

StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update

Woke up with a massive headache and for some reason Skip and Jana turned into self-destructing plushies. Definitely need to fix my sleep schedule.

In the meantime, April Fools is over so we're back to regular ol' Skip and Jana. Worry not however! They got to keep their new skincolors! These were made with the help from Frostiikin and BlueBlur!
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This is a really amazing mod for sure. But I came across a bug where either this mod or the Modern Sonic mod by MotdSpork breaks when either are loaded first. For if Modern Sonic is loaded first, Jana for example has her moves bugged with her three slash attack not even working and her Rekkoha fails to work and if she uses it from a greater height, she gets some sort of invincibility instead. For Modern Sonic if he's loaded second, his poses get broken when using the Homing Attack or performs his tricks when hitting a spring.

I know there are limits when it comes to fixing bugs for a mod like this, so whether or not this can be fixed, I'm putting it out there. And thank you for your time in reading this.
Aww, i missed out on a cute fennec boi doxxing my address to invade my private vulnerable home :dramahog:
Ohwell, maybe next time i can finally get my hands on getting my very own Skipperison~
So I heard you wanted to skip the whole level by using Tails but having the speed of Sonic.

These mods fulfill that fantasy. But this time, having numerous double jumps and wall jumps!
I've been trying to find Skip and Jana longplays on YouTube. Why are there no Skip or Jana longplays?!
I would've make one but I'm still starting off on YouTube and have poor editing skills. One day I will learn to edit but until then, yeah. .aybe someone else will make one sometime.

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