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[Reusable] Starpost HUD & Directional Starposts 1

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I got tired of watching new players get lost, so here's something

- Helps alleviate backtracking in complex maps
- Helps mapmakers get their starpost IDs in order
- Helps exploration
- Cool papersprite arrow
- Yes

- It relies on the mapmaker to avoid skipping starpost IDs, so some official maps can be a little wonky
- One starpost in cez1 doesn't want to spawn an arrow
- Doesn't work properly in splitscreen coop


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This mod really makes it clear that the internal starpost numbers were not meant to be seen by the players. The first starpost in the straight, standard path in ACZ1 is #4.

Excellent work, though! Something similar to this would be a great addition to the base game.


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>give it a 5-star vote
>now has a 3-star rating
This silly forum, can't recognize how cool this thing is.


Multidirectional starpost sprites really should be a thing.

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Maybe the starposts could be shaped like a gate, like they are in the Adventure games? Then when you pass through the gate, it “opens” with the posts now pointing in the direction of progress?


You know,when I go through multiple starposts and I see the hud with numbers I it reminds me of that infamous Shadow the Hedgehog game in which you could use checkpoints to switch locations.I wonder if something like this would be possible :o


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Small Bug at Techno Hill 1. Arrow is below Starpost.

Otherwise, great mod.


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To Sebas' post and my own thoughts

Small Bug at Techno Hill 1. Arrow is below Starpost.
I don't think there's a way around that unless they turn off the option to point downwards.

Anyways, seems like I haven't added my thoughts yet...
I think this is very useful for bigger maps or people who haven't tried the stage yet. The only problems would be if the stage moves around a lot, leading to it pointing in a direction you can't go.

I still do enjoy it, the ability to see what checkpoint you're at is very useful. I normally add it when hosting! This is a nice hidden gem.


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I just realised that you already have a star post number tracking thing lol
Just when I need it.
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