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SRB2Kart-Galaxy v1.0


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Galacticen submitted a new resource:

SRB2Kart-Galaxy - A compiled build with qol features similar to Moe Mansion

SRB2Kart-Galaxy A Moe-Mansion like Build for people that are missing some of its features
Since 1.6 came out and there was no Moe Mansion or Moe Mansion like build at this moment, I decided to make one myself and merge most of the stuff I could from other branches that Moe had to 1.6, the current features are listed here, for convivence.

Current Features
Percentage Speedometer from Lonsfor
Custom resolutions for Opengl and...

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Matter of Space, Star Traveler and Junior Coder
It's safe, it just triggers a false positive due to the window shaking it has within Galaxy/Moe


Can confirm as well that its a false positive with what galactice mentioned so you should be fine downloading it.


Thanks for the build but I'll bite the bullet and ask the question.
Do you plan to do more updates, make new builds as updates roll, or just leave it at that?


Matter of Space, Star Traveler and Junior Coder
I do plan to make updates for it whenever bugs or I get enough features for it to make an updated version but that's about it. as of late there hasn't been anything to my note to do an update
I'm getting a "File is corrupt or has been modified" Message.
I didn't have the same problem when I downloaded the build and launched it myself. Maybe try redownloading it?
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It's nice to have an alternative to Moe Mansion until it gets updated! Hopefully this gets more attention.
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