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SRB2: Generations

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SRB2: Generations is a level pack made to reimagine the main campaign's levels (GFZ-THZ-DSZ-CEZ-ACZ-RVZ-ERZ) into modern-styled levels,

It's mainly created for Modern Sonic, but it's also for any character that has an ability to go really fast, or just for using momentum mods that lets you reach ridiculous speeds!

I started this project as a joke effort to not hit walls in the main campaign's levels while playing fast characters/momentum mods, but it quickly turned into a serious one, with real progress being made.

The Modern stages take over the second acts of each level, with the first acts remaining the same. (I consider vanilla SRB2 as the classic version so yeah).

SRB2G is being worked on in a daily basis, though the amount of stuff I add varies by a whole lot (it could be entire new sections for maps or just moving a singular object in one of the maps, or even updating the credits list)

Expected to be finished this year, but the true answer is When It's Done.

Original Post

what happens if a sonic generations addict learns how to make levels 🔥🔥🔥

SRB2M/G is still an idea, what i have right now is barebones of what i'm visualizing; a levelpack that is literally sonic generations because why not

the hub world (or working name: white world--real original trust me) is not even made, only a VERY tiny portion of what the planned greenflower modern is being made, and even then it will probably be quite bad since i only have barely two weeks of knowledge under my belt after graduating from the tutorials (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO WORK WITH SLOPES SOMEONE SEND ME BACK TO SEVENTHSENTINEL'S SCHOOL AGAIN🔥)

of course as you can guess this not-yet-existing levelpack will require having Modern Sonic and his abilities (not really required since what you need is just a character with good traversal)

its leaning more into unleashed/forces style if im being real (linear, boost boost boost, less focus on platforming, more on scenery)

updates on this project would be very bleak or rare and like probably take months in between since im still in school

this probably has a high chance of becoming canned or sent through development hell tbh
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hey again

so far so good (i think)

still havent made good progress over mastery in slopes (i still get confused on which to use; front or backside 🔥 ) but im getting the basics down

greenflower is still like barely 2% done but progress is progress :threat:

im thinking of using alternate view points and zoom tubes to make some sections normally the player wouldnt be able to do not look that stupid or just plain annoying to go through, though im confused on why Linedef type 422 keeps the player's controls as if they are still in original camera and not...well, how you expect moving the camera would...i think? im bad at explaining stuff--:dramahog:

have more screenshots???


development is going slow (i wanna avoid burning out by not thinking too much)

im still learning about vertex slopes (better than using slopes for more complex stuff wow)

i did fill up some parts (small) and put a emerald token that some can miss out since they would be focus on going straight

heres a small view (dont mind the two random rings i nom nom it on the way up)

just a small update

corrected water colors/theme

i learnt how to use vertex slopes and man are they awesome :threat:

i decided to focus on unwiished's way of making stages with a pinch of unleashed and generations, it seems like its the best way i could work with the zone builder (as of rn) so,,,,

ive thought of how white world would look like, and just decided it would be similar to unleashed; visualization is white plains with some hills, some spots for each stage, act 1 (basically just the original levels) would be the first the player should find, then act is the next the player should find)

still sketching out how the spots would look like, since im going for a generations vibe itd most likely look similar (duh)


small update again (woo)

new lego piece done (horayyy)

i love using slopes :threat:

i decided to ditch using 2(.5)d mode - its a hassle, and very undeveloped in srb2 terms, and nobody bothered trying to make improvements for it with addons nor do i have any knowledge over lua or time to learn it to bother with making one myself so...full 3d mode eh? also it just sucks bc it doesnt let you see far ahead which means fast gameplay in 2d would suck if you cant even see incoming obstacles in time

the final priority in mind that i chose is just "boost"

so the goal of every level is to let the player use boost as much as they want to, instead of experiencing unwiished wall hit whenever they try to thanks to srb2's more compact level design

which means big open wide asf areas and long linear lines that provide rings and enough enemies to let you boost freely 🔥

using golden's sloperollangle since it makes slopes be more obvious to the player since i kinda barely see it's affects (listing it as a must-have addon if i ever do finish this)

oh yeah adventure monitors too thats pretty awesome

the map itself looks like a race track in zonebuilder, which is i think a good thing since m-sonic from original games does feel like controlling a car at times

not much other than that though

[dont expect this to be amazing or anything like that, if anything it would be a pretty stupid level pack since i barely have any experience under my belt] - new note ill add just to make anyone's expectations not go that high-- (would be inconsistent but hey same message :blink:)

screenshots (only one for today :sadthumbsup:)

hey all, local sonic generations addict back at it again with a just a bit bigger than small update

im getting the idea of how unwiished's seperate paths works specifically (AND MAN DO THEY FIT WITH HOW I CAN WORK WITH ZONE BUILDER RIGHT NOW 🔥 🔥 🔥 ) after countless amounts of times i replayed each day stage on dolphin emu

so expect similar paths for some stages that eerily remind you of some stuff from unwiished stages (not really)

made some background more interesting (thought not accessible for obvious reasons ((ok if it isnt obvious im sorry i think i was rude but the reason is = off the path))), made some parts more accurate to gfz (like the bridge being more simple and less chonky)

began making a new segment (that one tunnel part in gfz act 2 where there are pretty annoying springs) (prepare for stupid basic platforming :threat:)

only today i saw v6's peek from Kel and omg i think im gonna faint (imagine a 15 year old exploding in :steamhappy:) but that does somewhat bring up problems

- this levelpack WILL release around early '24 (if no major problems appear) because im literally dealing with shooting each srb2 stage with the modern-beam™️ (fusing both acts into one stage)

and seeing how detailed each act is
and how im literally baby in zone builder

yeah it would take a long while

good news though is that greenflower despite barely being 18% (hopefully the numbers dont really count) takes around 38-45 seconds to finish WITHOUT boost (half the time WITH boost, which is good because boost does half the stage's time no????)

anyways info dump over

[[DO NOT EXPECT THIS LEVELPACK TO BE AMAZING OR ANYTHING, THIS IS THE WORK OF A 'baby in zone builder who barely graduated from slope tutorials']]

have some screenshots



cool update #whatever

branching paths for gfz? im literally only making one right now, no other paths have been exactly made but HOLD ON IM STILL BARELY HALF FINISHED WITH THE LEVEL TO CONSIDER IT BARELY DONE (target branching paths for each stage is finalized to be 3-4 increasing depending on how long the stage would be stretched out)

im uhhhhh getting problems with skybox becoming black if you look at it in a certain direction in just one section but no biggie no biggie promis i will not toss the proj to the trash ok

currently im trying to crack how tatsuru's character swapper thing from oldc works since it would make using "force character" not a requirement and would greatly help in switching between classic and modern rather than doing it through force character...and it DOES work but i cant understand why the character art doesnt appear but anything else about it works perfectly (the character bg colors does work but art doesnt load up)

(i'd ask tatsuru's permission to release the levelpack with his character swapper [along with other graphics like the J/S keys and more...] if i did really figure out how to make it function since it would be great help over switching characters while on hub...not sure if i said stuff correctly since eng is my third language therefore bad at explaining stuff)

another thing that stumped me is where exactly would i place the stages?

i could A. Replace Act 2 for Modern Acts or B. Use MAP81 (and so on) which would require making a hub (apparently im bad at making them lol) if any of you guys would like to put inputs then just drop em ill read them

have some screenshots



so uh,do you have a realese date for this L.P?(Level Pack,i shortend it :threat:)
since i just started not even a full month ago (nov. 25), around early 2024 is expected though it could be stretched to early-mid since im still an amateur on zone builder and that im modern-ifying every act of the vanilla game (except bosses and met.sonic race)...i'll do my best to keep updating/adding stuff on it every day though

even then if modern v6 releases before hand i would most likely need to modify the stages to fit with the cooler guy's new style (mmm...manual drifting my beloved...:blink: )

sorry if that date sounds too long but im the only person working on this and that im an amateur still learning how stuff exactly works so...eh? :sadthumbsup:

now update time

not much else to say for this update except i added more details on stuff

the split path is going well (still obviously needs some details) but like in unwiished (and the rest of the boost games) you can see the alternate path (somewhat) and still go drop down to it if you want to (for this case, some might not be the same case)




Oh sweet! Just one question,that sonic in the screenshots,is that v5 or v6? I own v5 so i'm just curious:wow:

i will never be cool enough to be given early access to v6 :blink:
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since i really had not much idea how to reconnect the branching paths yet

i decided to put some work on white world

so now we have greenflower's spot

i decided to have modern levels replace Act 2s

and for levels without act 2s i decided to leave alone as "no-force-characters" as to lessen the work ill have to do considering this funny project will be the first thing i make for srb2

if i ever finish this, ill make 2 versions which are the normal and the 'nfc' version where the levels doesnt force you into C-sonic or M-sonic

despite not having any further development besides gfz and white world, ill think of making eggrock eggmanland from unleashed (hd/wii):blink:


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short update

thz spot for white world is done

gfz is still not finished (though i think ill wrap the whole thing up soon)

thz would be similar to how Gens chemical plant is done

part 1 would be sonic entering
part 2 would be sonic destroying

not much other than that though

cant you believe it guys
just a week away




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thanks to bypigs2 (Sum), we got the Dash Ring :wonderful:

also first gif for this project :threat:


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breaking news: local generations addict remembered about deep sea zone

now the underwater path is more...well, green :D

speaking about deep sea, it's spot is being worked on though heavily unfinished so i didnt bother taking screenshots

thats all for now, gn ill most likely post anotha one later or tomm :worry:


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hello it is i smoklybonkly

we have more detail

both paths has merged back into one again (HOORAY)

short drift section being made (i will cry if v6 makes this look so scuffed than it already is so hopefully motdspork will keep the automatic drifting or at least give an option to enable or disable it)

began to plan adding secrets

level is reaching 1:00 mark (roughly 50-first path, roughly 58-second path), planning to stop around 1:30 as it's greenflower after all

changed cloud textures so it blends better (turns out they didnt use anything else but scroll ceiling texture so all the translucent fofs i made was useless though i decided to keep it even if it looks trippy because its cool)

gfz is about 70-75% done (secret or fun stuffs hasnt been added yet)

just a week away :wonderful:


View attachment srb20009.gif
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is that redxvi's house

short info update only though

gfz-m still in progress though once it reaches around 1:20-1:30 mark ill end the stage, add some fun secrets, and declare it finished

thz-m has no real progress yet, but the plan is made

phase 1 - basically act 1, shortest part
phase 2 - skybox changes to act 2's skybox, sonic is entering the building
phase 3 - sonic is in the building, and blasting through levels, god i could already feel the amount of fofs i would make for the player to destroy
phase 4 - sonic is now outside of the building, skybox changes to act 2's skybox but everything is on fire or destroyed, last phase

all subject to change

allat for an amateur to do :devastation:

[[dont expect the levelpack to be amazing, this is poor work of a person with barely any experience with zone builder]]

screenshot time



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