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Sonic the Hedgehog MVD: releasing in fall '23!


we are proud to present our newest entry to the Message Board and as a tribute to Sonic CD's 30th anniversary (coming soon in fall '23), developed and yet to be published by Cosmix Productions – a 14-member devteam, and 3 years of developing, conceptualizing, and executing...

Sonic the Hedgehog MVD:

Sonic the Hedgehog MVD is a 3D open-world game, consisting of 12 fresh levels (with a few new themes to those levels, and a wild Magma Falls returning as a re-make, keep reading below if interested!) – and 4 more extra levels after you complete the game, and new content such as a new story, a new soundtrack, a new tutorial level to teach the game’s returning gimmick, extra content such as animated cutscenes, and a returning gimmick of time travelling from Sonic CD.

TIMELINE: This game takes place after Sonic the Fighters, where Robotnik returns again to recollect the Time Stones that are now in seven more zones in Sonic’s home planet, Mobius, to take advantage of them and start his world conquest. you, as Sonic the Hedgehog, have to stop the nefarious scientist and collect them before he does! ...generators also take place in this, as they generate enemies to assist in quickly roboticizing a targeted location that’s Robotnik’s soon-to-be dream dystopia.

(please skip this if you already know, or are familiar with the time travel mechanic!):

GIMMICK: A previously mentioned gimmick from Sonic CD is time travelling, and it’s the base one for this game. The rules are simple: find a signpost with “Past” or “Future” written on it, go as far as 88mph for 4 seconds at best without any interruptions, and you’re golden. “Future” signs are the only sign however, to have two types, “Good Future” and “Bad Future”, (these will not be written on the sign themselves but you only have to guess). To ensure a Good Future for a zone, you have two ways: collect all seven Time Stones at an early time, or destroy both the generators and the Metal Sonic hologram, then you can go back to Present and sweep past a Future post. To ensure a Bad Future, you can do absolutely nothing from both the two ways mentioned above and travel to the Bad Future.

(Hold on, before you continue, Keep in mind that not everything is finished and some things are subject to change overtime. Thank you! :blink:👍)

in this game, there are 12 levels in total, 36 acts, 4 bonus levels, and new Special stages which are in the style of Sonic CD. You destroy an amount of UFOs (one-by-one, and it isn’t over 6 UFOs total). for the singleplayer campaign however, here’s the main list:

Tropicana Coast – the starting level of the game, taking place in a coast plenty of waterfalls and fauna, where Robotnik has not completely invaded this location and there is still remains of nature. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s time to lurk around places while that mad scientist’s working hard himself to finish his own world conquest!



Chemical Industry – An industrial base built and is property of Robotnik Technologies, Ltd. That can’t be good, this has been an operating base on Mobius for years, but since the sudden disrepair of Astral Station Zone and EGGBIOS’ fatal malfunction it has all been scrapped to set on one goal: repairing the station and the complex AI machine built to control it.


Atlantic Tempest – an ancient temple that has been in ruins since long long ago, and Robotnik has found one of the seven Time Stones exist here, he has frequently dug up there so much it caused an earthquake in the fragile palace and most of the internal environment to collapse during the mission.



Auburn Woodland – after that, Sonic finds himself in an auburn woodland, next to it is one of Robotnik's cities (seriously, how much budget does this guy have?)
and between the frontiers of the two locations is where Sonic and the returning doppelganger, Metal Sonic have their first race, (I'd say like a mix of race and battle, like Generations) Sonic manages to win and continues to Permafrost Peak.

Permafrost Peak – a cold and icy place with crystal shards and pointy trees everywhere! Sonic has to find himself a way out of this harsh place, and after that he gets to meet Metal Sonic for the second time after his repair.

Deserted Acres – a dry, and dreaded desert in the middle of nowhere, and cacti all over the place. During Sonic's long adventure, he gets reintroduced to Bark, Bean, and Fang during a minecart ride to Act 2 (because as we said earlier, this takes place after Sonic the Fighters and this is the only reason as to why we did this time skip), as a special minor boss they will start a Kart-esque race (but with minecarts), and of course Sonic wins the race the speedy bullet he is. Then he progress to Act 2, and finds himself in a second race with the real boss of them all, the weasel with the pop guns, Fang the Sniper. They both race to the Train station, and the first to get onto a train is Fang himself, only for Sonic to meet him again at Act 3, and finish him off to proceed to Magma Caverns Zone.




Magma Caverns – formerly recognizable as Magma Falls, takes place next to a volcano, and in the middle of Robotnik’s roboticization, with a lot of Pterabytes, Pyre Flies, Dragonbombers, and more. because of the hot lava Sonic himself can’t get over nor can he handle, have the buyoyant Rollout Rock at your dispense to travel across lava, but be careful of the fireballs in your way! (this zone has been previously released in the Summer 2020 OLDC competition, if this one rings a bell to you).

Stratospalace – An ancient aerial garden (the pun was intended, LMAO) in the high angel skies that was present a long time ago, with plenty of nature that Robotnik is in the middle of roboticizing, while Tails manages to get the rocket going Sonic is on a time limit to reach Robotnik's location and defeat him one last time before he flees to his last base in space.



Astral Station – the penultimate level, the heart of Robotnik’s operations, the astral station. Robotnik has just so managed to flee to his own floating base outside of Earth, and does whatever he can to stop Sonic, he will meet the evil trinity: Robotnik, Metal Sonic, and the machine.

B. The Grand Finale – the last encounters between Robotnik, Metal Sonic, and the machine take place. This level starts with a race against Metal Sonic, only to then battle him for the last time before his complete breakdown and disrepair (to be replaced with another), and the last act starts with fighting Robotnik and EGGBIOS.

(NOTE: Amongst the list of these levels, you will find about two levels missing; that's because we haven't really planned anything for them yet, so don't really expect
a lot of content for those two. One of the "reprised" stages I've mentioned before is Relic Ruins Zone, originally Quartz Quadrant Zone was going to take its place but we figured we need a lot more original experience, /R2 (the directory name of RRZ) has never been confirmed to be in the game nor have we gotten a good look at it, so we should be fine, right?)

EXTRA LEVELS: Every Sonic game (almost) comes with extra levels, and there are 4 of them for this game. Mystic Moon, Cosmix Hub, Berry Meadows Re-Make and one of the most unfair Tag/Hide & Seek levels ever re-made and back in action (this is obtained if you complete Ultimate Mode 2 times).

Mystic Moon Zone will be a Super Sonic-only level, where you have to fight against Robotnik for the last time, you have 50 rings and it will be an Egg Reverie-style match between the two superpowers.

Cosmix Hub Zone will be a space station (that in terms of lore is much like the Good Future of Astral Station), the station has 3 stages: 1. Surface, 2. Control Room, 3. Basement + Escape Pod, think of it like a space hotel for customers’ amusement? Oh, and the Gameplay section will have level portals to existing levels. Secret level portals, however, will be in a hidden section of their own, after you’ve unlocked the level!

Berry Meadows Zone is practically one of my oldest levels, and you can consider it the legacy version of Tropicana Coast Zone, dating back to December 22nd 2019.

Last one, which is only to be hinted sometime soon, is one of the most unfair Tag/H&S stages of all-time, and you can probably guess which
one it is. I have already made a version of it but I'm not gonna show it here~

for this game, we have new abilities for a few important characters (that being Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and the best of them all, Metal Sonic) which are going to be explained here:

Sonic the Hedgehog: Super Peel-Out – now I’m very sure you all know this one, this is a familiar move originating from Sonic CD, kept in a few Game Gear titles before Sonic Mania’s reintroduction to the ability (and that’s about it!), you hold Custom 1 to charge an insane amount of speed for Sonic, and let go for speeding up. HOWEVER, keep in mind that the peel-out will leave you vulnerable to enemies, at least not until you start the spindash after charging up the Super Peel-Out.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Drop Dash – the Drop Dash is a popular move that has been first introduced in Christian Whitehead’s Sonic Mania (2017), and has since been included in other titles (such as the upcoming Sonic Frontiers, and Sonic Origins). You hold the spin button midair to get a lot of speed when in contact with the floor.

Tails the Fox: Flight Cancel – during flight, Tails now has the ability to cancel flying and re-curl into a ball by holding the A button (so it doesn’t override flying up-and-down controls!), simple as that.

Knuckles the Echidna: Stomp and Slam – Knuckles can have a buffed stomp that can be used regularly with a 26-second-long cooldown in order to reduce abuse of said ability, by pressing Spin.

Metal Sonic: Horizontal Boosters – Metal Sonic can use his electric boosters to gain speed in a quick matter of time, this can be useful for speedrunning levels for example. (this move has a 30-second-long cooldown)

Metal Sonic: Vertical Boosters – Metal Sonic can boost up to reach a high ledge, this can be useful for situations where you are almost reaching a death pit and want to save yourself, like the move above, this has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

At this point, the amount of time used for cooldown can vary or depend on how much the ability could be abused all the time, and how much the ability can be useful at times.

DIGITAL OST: Sonic the Hedgehog MVD will have its own soundtrack for the NTSC-J/PAL region firsthand, regarding as to what can be achieved using legendary, powerful and unique instruments for this game! (I don't think the NTSC-U region will have any soundtrack of it's own, but we'll see after the game's done.)

ANIMATED CUTSCENES: and yes, this is true (and I'm not even hallucinating or setting up high expectations), we have working cutscenes thanks to Lua coder delf. Currently we have three placeholders, opening, bad ending and good ending.

EXTERNAL MEDIA/MAIN ARG: We will be posting our content every once in a while, so be there! And also, we are setting up our ARG to start within the Message Board and activate for when NY ’23 shows up! So be on the watch for this thread, as it will get updated every once in a while with clues to solve on the game.


For those concerned for the game’s storage, do not worry! We are trying our best to reduce file size and compress it enough for a good amount of storage size. Currently the 2.18b prototype is reduced to a whopping 159MB (in .WAD* form), after .PK3* compression the game will be precisely 79.5 MBs heavy. (audio compression has been taken advantage of, so was removing unnecessary assets that only bloat the game size) before it was compressed to 159MB, it used to be 400MB, believe me, that was smessed up. And we're glad you've covered the topic last year about it!

HELP WANTED! WE NEED MORE MEMBERS: While this thread is an announcement for our own big mod, it is also considered for us a call for other people to help us finish the game in a complete and functional state at a year-long deadline. We need a lot of assistance from you, and if you have any talents and would like to get in, please let us know by contacting us on our E-Mail: (CosmixProductions2023@gmail.com), or my Discord tag: (Cosmix#2105). Your message will not be left out without a reply or a good read on them, and we will check your messages or requests every now and then. (make sure to use proper grammar so we can understand what you want to request to us!)

For when you need info as to what positions we need assistance in, here’s the list to get you informed and up-to-date on things:

GRAPHIC: Artwork (promotional, portraits)
Spriting (extra character animations, enemies, objects and texture assets)
Animating (for the MVD cutscenes)
Professional level designer

SOUND: Sound designer (sound FX only)
Composer (anyone who has a Yamaha PSR-SX600 or Korg 01/W, and Reason 8/9/12 as DAW)

LUA: Professional coders
SOURCE CODING: Professional hardcoders (at least one or two)

3D MODELLING: characters (in Junio style), bosses, special stage elements, etc.

PLAYTESTING: (comes for later, we have enough for the beta testing phase!
We won't need any until the final days when the game's already finished, to be specific!)

ABOUT COSMIX PRODUCTIONS: Cosmix Productions is a 14-member devteam, consisting of a few level designers, one 3D modeller, two composers, the entire team is lead by two people: Cosmix (main lead of the devteam) and Othius (well-known OLDC participant/contest winner of this year/before 2022)

CONCLUSION OF THREAD: Well, that’s all folks! See you next time around, just to let you know, there are 2 more events happening this year and the next. The former is an MVD prototype hunt on many more Discord servers, and the latter is the MVD ARG which is happening after New Years Day ’23, be there and stay on the watch for updates in this thread as time goes on! 👍

(P.S.S: the amount of pictures and movies to send is limited to 10 attachments, so that's why you aren't getting so much in-depth footage). and by the way, please do not pour any form of drama to this thread, thank you very much :threat::threat::threat:
("something about Cloudflare" ~RadicalChaos_6922 :threat:)
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Apologies for the lack of screenshots in a few sections, but here's what Magma Falls currently looks like!
Believe me, there is no more lack of direction and starposts are going to be implemented soon, say goodbye to the infuriating lack of checkpoints!


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Yooo finally an MVD thread where you describe the full scope of the mod and all the work you've put into it.


Yooo finally an MVD thread where you describe the full scope of the mod and all the work you've put into it.
Bring out some of the work you've been putting on this game for 2 years; I'm pretty sure people will like to hear your story on the game's long development. :threat:
(P.S.S: the amount of pictures and movies to send is limited to 10 attachments, so that's why you aren't getting so much in-depth footage). and by the way, please do not pour any form of drama to this thread, thank you very much :threat::threat::threat:
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(psst....neat little secret....you can send as many gifs and images as you'd like by sending them to discord first, and then copying the attachment links, which'll allow you to bypass the mb's attachment limit

either that or you could use an image hosting site or sth idk)


(psst....neat little secret....you can send as many gifs and images as you'd like by sending them to discord first, and then copying the attachment links, which'll allow you to bypass the mb's attachment limit

either that or you could use an image hosting site or sth idk)
Well, guess it's time to get my lazy ass up for more attachments from Discord, thanks LOL :dramahog: 👍
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Anyway, even more aspects of the game I have yet to show. Tutorial Zone Act 2, Amy Rose will guide you through this second tutorial level and it's all about getting familiar with the time travel gimmick!​


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Now as a recent update popped in for later prototypes, we have new special stages altogether (which are definetly better than their original counterparts, don't ask me what they look like). And there's a functional special stage script accompanied with Autorun at a reasonable speed, you can always slow down a bit by pressing the Down key.
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Well, we aren't done yet with the showcasing nor does anyone here pay attention to it, silly which means our next best extra level, Cosmix Hub!
You are in a giant space station (which is a suitable hangout map) where you get to control almost everything in the ship for the first time, power management, and whatnot. For multiplayer however, this will be left as a feature for only admins to avoid some form of abuse.

This right here, is the Open Space section (you can guess where this stems from by now :knuxsmug:), you can enjoy looking at Mobius from a very high place, and just mess around with monitors and all that jazz, you can test your speed with two springs close to each other.


This, like many other space station levels, is just based on Giga Hax's SRB2HUB entry for 2.1, except it's more and more superior for a lot of reasons, and it's more realistic. And you can take a look at the map just by the overview given here by Zone Builder, 2040 sectors is a lot for one map (practically half a CEZ2 so to speak), and you can guess for yourself which sections there are here.

S_CosmixHub-2.2.9b at 2022.07.17 17-14-10.143 [R2501].jpg

You can dance with your friends at the dance floor! whether it be... only Nightopians because you're forever alone (gotem'), or hanging out with close friends at a private server, (that's genuinely the best part!)
And since this level is so expansive you can take advantage of it by playing a good game of Tag, (or Luigi Invasion if that counts, shameless plug LOL). Or... even better! Tag with lights out. Yeah good luck finding the others whether lights out or not, this is a big place.


Multiple features, to be added, a quick moment ago I changed my mind on keeping this private for now, so we're starting a lot of public playtesting sessions soon! Be there.


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This will make SRB2 into an actual Sonic fangame(Just kidding)! I really like the concept,the names for levels are very neat,and everything gets 100 000 000 000/10. Probably the best thing to come in 2023.


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Wow damn these levels look gorgeous. love how chemical industry looks. And the pallete makes everything pop out beautifully both for levels and characters. Only thing I'd say is that levels seen a bit... barren? Like in Atlantic tempest it just empty, like there's nothing there that makes it feel like it's an underground ruined temple.maybe put more ruined structures around with goodies inside, or maybe ruined statues showing that way back when people worshiped over a higher up. Same with Tropicana coast, the area in the water feel like there nothing interesting to look at. maybe you could put some boats in the water or some palm trees at the shore, really make it feel like sonic or whoever is actually going through a tropical beach. But I do trust that this ambitious project will be great in when it's done and hey, it may even be one of the best maps packs made for this game! I hope to see more progress in the future!


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I love the aesthetics of each of the levels. They're so vibrant and each one fits their tones. Honestly, I can't wait to play this when it comes out. I'm sure it'll be a blast



Seems like a big change between the two, a comparison of two versions of the same game here.
Here on the left is the July 2020 prototype (about 2 years ago), and on the right is the newest prototype of MVD we have so far
Be prepared, because we have implemented this to be a surprise easter egg right after you're done with the game and go back to square one!
Meet the legendary fox with the chainsaw at fall '23. :knuxsmug:

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