Smash Cam - A Smash Bros-like dynamic 2D Camera

[Reusable] Smash Cam - A Smash Bros-like dynamic 2D Camera v1

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WR 102
A script that aims to provide versatility to 2D Mode. It is my hope that script can open up the doors to some 2D Match maps in the future.


What's included?
  • Custom Map (MAP01) - Toasted Hills Zone by Akirahedgehog (This is a demonstraction map. Ported from 1.09.4, please excuse any errors)
  • 2 Lua scripts - One for object definition, and one for execution

But Flame! How do I use this?
Simple! On top of adding the 2D level parameter to your Level header, this script only adds 2 new objects. These include the Camera Minimum and Camera Maximum x, y, z boundaries. Please read carefully, this assumes you're working in Zone builder with a top-down oriented view.
  • Camera Minimum (mapthingnum 3095) boundary - Put this boundary in the map to define the CLOSESTpoint where your camera object cannot pass.
    • This boundary sets the following:
      • Leftmost X boundary
      • Uppermost Y boundary
      • Lowest Z boundary
  • Camera Maximum (mapthingnum 3096) boundary - Put this boundary in the map to define the FURTHESTpoint where your camera object cannot pass.
    • This boundary sets the following:
      • Rightmost X boundary
      • Lowermost Y boundary
      • Highest Z boundary

Issues, Problems, bugs?
  • Through rigorous testing, I've ironed out a lot of issues in coding this. If there is anything that would cause this code to behave irregularly, or stop working, please report it!
  • While this code works without the need for these camera boundaries, I cannot guarantee it will function the same way without them.

Special notes
  • Vanilla console commands such as cam_dist and cam_height are available
  • Vanilla button inputs such as your look up/down keys are also available if you're not content with the viewing angle.
  • If you intend to use this for your own purposes, all I ask is for some credit. That's all. :)

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Phantasy Savior
Can it works in 3D? I would love to see a Power-Stone like mod (combined with Battle Mode indeed).

I've always loved the way Smash Bros' camera worked and I wish more devs could take inspiration for some of their game

Larz T

I feel like this is an essential script to have now when playing or even creating any 2D sections/levels in the future. Thanks for the release!

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