To celebrate over a year of SRB2Kart I decided to compile all my current maps and characters including some adjustments

this pack includes

Race maps

  • MKDD - Baby Park
  • Dynamite Heady - Puppet town
  • Sonic R - Resort Island
Battle mode maps

  • MKDD - Baby Park
  • Studio Polls Act 2
  • MK64 - Sky scrapper
  • MK64 - Big donut

  • Headdy
  • Plok
Original Character (seperate pk3 file)

  • Dee
  • Arrietty
This pack also includes a Battle mode plus support version (labeled BMP)

If you want 3D models of openGL mode, Jack Jims' character pack (here) for Plok and Headdy



change log
- Added support for Battle Plus
- Removed SM from studio polis title
- Raised the ceiling in skyscraper
- Added Levels Resort Island and Puppet Town
- Added Characters (Plok, Headdy, Dee, Arrietty)
- Adjusted Studiopolis back wall to prevent fall out from the boosters
- Resort island goal poles are no longer solid
- Puppet town has more puppets and animations in the background
- Puppet town has some small layout changes to make the map more fair
- MKDD Baby parks checkpoints have been made bigger to prevent lap skips
- the grates in baby park are now completely solid to prevent falling through
- baby park's goal line has been fixed thanks to Fayt_XIII
- Puppet towns goal hitbox has been extended to fix lap skips


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Welcome to releases! Though, Studiopolis doesn't need an "SM" prefix since its not a port, just themed after a level in another game. Nothing worth making a whole new version for, just keep that in mind for any future update.

Update I fixed removed the SM in the studio polis title!! Oh and all the battle maps now support battle plus!
To celebrate over a year of SRB2Kart I've updated the pack to include all my levels and characters I've made thus far
The letters at the front of the addon all mean something. The C means it has characters, the KRBL version doesn't have a C.
The KRBL_ version has "V2.1" at the end, while the KRBC_ and KRBCL_ versions have "V3" at/near the end. The character-less version is outdated, missing 2 levels and some tweaks to other levels.
Is it possible to have a version without the characters by any chance?

Done, I wasn't sure if it would be a problem but since I've had a few days to relax I was able to get them up.
They're next to the main downloads labeled "levels only"
Small update to v1.3 which changes puppet town from mapsd to mapsl to prevent conflicts with BarkPark
been a while but I've updated both puppet town and baby park (the later thanks to Fayt_XIII), this should prevent lap skips, I've also gone and updated the original map stand alone posts if you want those too

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