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Sash Lilac [v1.1c] (Freedom Planet)


Sash Lilac joins the adventure!




It'll take more than two hits in a row to take Lilac down!
Throwing out the traditional system of rings, Lilac uses a health bar that has to be whittled down to defeat her.
However as a trade off you'll only restore a point of health every 10 rings you collect.

No Bouncing

Unlike other characters, Lilac doesn't bounce off an enemy or such when attacking them and simply passes through them.
Be careful not to jump through one to your doom!
Attacking Castle Eggman Zone's boss will still knock you back outside of his cage however, don't worry!

Extra Air

As a half water dragon, Lilac is much more accustomed to the underwater than others, giving her additional time whilst underwater before drowning.
Unfortunately though she's not a space dragon, so there's no bonus for her there.



Pressing Spin will cause Lilac to attack using her hair as a makeshift whip in a simple melee attack.

Dragon Cyclone

Pressing Jump whilst in the air will perform a Dragon Cyclone as long as you have some energy left, consuming a portion on use and slowly draining whilst active.
Whilst working as an attack, it's far more useful as a utility. The initial spin working as a mid-air jump before gliding will let you easily reach areas!
This move destroys bustable walls.
This move can be ended early by using Lilac's Hair Whip!

Dragon Boost

When your energy meter is at max, pressing Custom1 will charge up and unleash a Dragon Boost!
Holding Jump or Spin whilst the move charges will angle the move up or down respectively, allowing you to dash into the air or burst through a floor.
Whilst a fearsome move, making you borderline invincible to anything that wouldn't immediately kill you, it also has the rather heavy downside of being uncontrollable as you bounce off walls, ceilings and floors you hit!
This move destroys bustable walls, bustable floors and spikes, nothing will impede your path!
This move also allows you to go in gaps you'd need to spin under when on the ground.


  • Original Sprites, Sounds, Character - GalaxyTrail
  • Character Selection Screen Art - Zipper
  • Everything Else - Rem
  • Testing - Terra


--- Version 1.1b - 12/10/2020 ---
Fixed Lilac's hair not working in multiplayer, oops!

--- Version 1.1b - 10/10/2020 ---
Fixed Lilac not working in multiplayer.

Changed sprite rotations to LR instead of 0 rotations.
Changed stun animation from standing to a pain sprite.
Sped up the speed of melee attacks.
Melee attacks now stop the sound effect of Cyclone when interrupting it.
Melee attacks & Cyclone have an increased damage range instead of just the player's size.
Sped up Dragon Boost considerably and increased the meter drain from it.
Dragon Boost now destroys spikes.
Dragon Boost inputs are flipped when the player is flipped.
Running animation triggered by exceeding your maximum speed by an amount now temporarily increases your max speed as long as it's kept up (except when using speed shoes).
Added idle animations.
Doubled damage taken.

Fixed Lilac being in the first frame of her walk animation when in Minecarts, uses the first frame of being idle instead due to weird Minecart mechanics.
Fixed hair not being invisible when beating a stage.
Fixed being able to use abilities when stunned in CEZ3.
Fixed taking damage when hurt with a shield.
Improved pit deaths slightly.
Made the stopped to idle transition smoother.
--- Version 1.0 - 30/09/2020 ---
Release version, sweet!

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no but jokes aside, i liked what i played of freedom planet, and i will try this out

Having a lot of fun with this mod, I feel her energy and health might need to be nerfed, I never felt like I've run out of energy and she can tank a lot of hits so I don't see much killing her besides bottomless pits. Either way this is a super fun mod that can be used for a lot of cool tricks!
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I love it!

This is amazing! It works very well and I was not even expecting the super form. by the way, how did you get the health and melee attack to work?


Kid or Squid? :shrug:
While I'm not necessarily fond of the fact that the sprites are 2D and not full rotations, I think this is still a very cool addition, and as someone who has played Freedom Planet a lot? I defneitely will be trying this out.


CEO of Nothing
Well. The sprites are just 2D, its not full rotation, never played freedom planet before but i saw people talking about it, anyway. i like it, its really fun to play as and it works very well


known as MM2Wood in-game
even though the sprites are 2d, this can be perfectly adjusted with a 3d model (maybe).
for the gameplay: it's really fun to use, and i really like Freedom Planet as well


(I swear, it seems as though I say this for every other character that releases these days; SRB2 wadding in current year is insane.)
Regardless, every ounce of this character clicks for me, it is the definition of satisfying to play. That's coming from someone whose only exposure to Freedom Planet was a one-level demo on Wii U, many ages ago.
Even as someone who wouldn't care for accuracy, this one still hits it out of the park from what I can recall.
This is bar none the most enjoyment I've gotten out of any character wad for SRB2 in my seven years of playing. You've outdone yourself.
I hope this ends up getting the Spyro treatment; a talented pixel artist comes along, acknowledges the work you've put into the scripting, and blesses this with the set of full rotation sprites that it deserves.
TL;DR, thanks. (bless)


Impressive, but the reliance on sprites from the 2D platformer they were ripped from hold it back. If you're not good with sprites (or models), hopefully someone who is will be able to help in that area.


Hey dudes and dudettes!
I should make a whole level based around Lilac's moveset, set in 2D, since Lilac's sprites don't have full 3D rotations.


Hi I Exist
I commend the effort you put on this addon but there are some issues that need to be addressed.

Sprites - I had already looked at previous comments about not having a rotation. that's not my issue. it's the use of A0 and not ALAR. ALAR allows lilac to turn around based on the camera which makes things less awkward. it would also put any potential 3D models in proper 3D which will save them any hassle.

Gameplay - abilities are fine. faithful enough however there is a huge lack of speed. the hair whip is an example. the hitbox is rather small and the start/end lag is huge. the original lilac is much snappier.

The biggest offender is the dragon boost. not only is it slow but It lacks the use of momentum. 9/10 I boost forward or into a red spring hoping to go speeding through the level but I just end up going at the same speed. the dragon boost it's self is also pretty slow. It travels at the player's default speed and considering the player has no control over it waiting for it to end piles on a bit. make it drain the gauge faster and travel faster too. this way it saves the player from the waiting game.

PS: She doesn't need idle frames to blink

*This gif contains a wip mod not yet available to the public. It was used to demonstrate how the boost looks with momentum applied*

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