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Returning from 2.1, but with some new, snazzy upgrades, Robohood snaps back into action!

Thanks go to MonsterIestyn, for creating the original wad, Zipper, for creating the character select artwork and ending fireworks, and Telos/Potatosack, for making the Robohood sprites in 2.2.

v3 Update: Added Nights Frames, changed the sound for the Jump, and gave Robohood a custom thok trail.

v3.1 Update: Applied Thok Trail to Spinning, in the few cases where zoomtubes will force you into a spinning state, fixed a bug with the SOC giving an error for a single line, and added an additional Lua Script that adds the beginning of Battle Mod Support. Balance testing will be required.

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So, a way to get past the first section of ACZ1 "easily" was recently discovered by Majro.

Unfortunately, its a mainly single player only method, but it still is decent enough for a player to manage to get to the first checkpoint, and let the other robohoods respawn there.

Stuff like this makes me wonder if increasing Robo-Hood's thok speed was the best idea... then again, it does also help with ERZ1's crusher section, so it wasn't the worst idea.


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You increased the thok speed? That's disappointing. :(
I guess if we're breaking tradition anyway, I like that you made use of CA2_GUNSLINGER to give it its optional Lua ability from 2.1! The extra assets are nice too (though the downscaled character select looks really gritty) and it's an excellent example of the SPR2 defaulting system.


Well, I've now got proof that Robo-Hood can scale the slope in ACZ1. I have no idea how to do it consistently though.
I managed to pull this off, like, only 5 times in those 17 minutes and I have no idea what I did right. But at least I got this gif of it.


What can I type here?
Sadly, his thok power no longer works after going into a NiGHTS' Stage :(
But hey, still cool


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Softlock on the Springs

I don't know if anybody has pointed this out already, but:
When playing as Robo-Hood, if you don't go fast enough on completely vertical springs, you can kinda get softlocked--the only way out being suicide.
And you can't thok out of it, either.
Apart from that, this is a good add-on!



So, I have been wanting to work on an update for a while now, and came up with this for the nights sprite. This is all well and good, until you consider the drilling sprites. I've been looking around for some Boost or Aura sprites of decent size, but haven't been able to find any on The Spriters Resource. Thus, I have come to ask for assistance: If you happen to know where a decent boost aura sprite exists, let me know. While it would be nice to have them actually do the drilling, That obviously isn't going to happen.

On another note, other than having Robo-hood keep his thok when carrying a flag, are there any other changes that you would want for Battle Mode? I do not have many ideas, in that regard.


Robo-Hood has gotten a new update! They now have custom Nights and Thok sprites, as well as now using the actual jump sound for Robo-Hood!

If I do another update, it will be a nerf when Egg Rock Zone changes the crusher section, or adds a path around that final part. This character wad still does not use Lua, so have fun without worrying about extra load on your computer!


New update: minor fixes to Robo-hood themselves, and the brand new inclusion of an optional Lua script that adds Battle Mod support!

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