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Ring Hunt is exactly what it sounds like.
It takes the concept of the Perfect Bonus and turns it into fun cooperative multiplayer experience!


Collect Rings...

...and get every last one of them to complete the level!

Don't worry if you get hit, once a ring is collected, it stays collected!


This game mode also includes some new features to make the hunt just a bit easier!


Ring Locator: Hold down Fire to point your character towards the nearest ring or ring box! Great for finding those pesky hidden ring boxes.

Checkpoint Warper: Press Next Weapon or Prev Weapon to cycle between the checkpoints that you've activated, and then press Toss Flag to warp to one! This lets you more easily backtrack for when you accidentally miss a ring or two.

In addition to both of these, Life Boxes have now been turned into Lightning Shield Monitors! Use its ring attraction and double jump to your advantage.

This game mode is also compatible with Match and Capture the Flag maps! These maps are great for those who are looking for a more condensed experience and don't want to have to deal with Castle Eggman Act 2's over 1,000 ring count and millions of alternate paths.


Version 1.1

Changed the Ring Finder to now draw a line between you and the ring, through any walls. If you find this new Ring Finder makes the mode too easy, you can change it back using the new command ringfindertype.

Ring Boxes no longer rely on respawnitem to prevent them from respawning, but instead, their fuse value. As such, situations in which Ring Boxes would respawn due to the lack of a player to pass the command through should now not result in increasing total ring count and levels being uncompletable.

Anyways, I hope you all have fun playing this mode!

...just try not to get too frustrated over those last 10 rings okay?



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Kid or Squid? :shrug:
For some strange reason, when I was hosting this, the number that's supposed to be the total rings in the stage went up. I'm not sure if it has to do with the Electric/Attraction Shield though.
When starting Egg Rock Zone Act 2, there was a total of 698 rings, but it randomly increased to above 700 after a bit.

SMS Alfredo

Sonic CD US Soundtrack Connoisseur
Usually that happens when Rings and/or Ring Monitors are spawning into the level after it has started. Either there was some object or someone spawning more rings into the level, or respawnitem was not disabled correctly. If it was the later, it shouldn't be a problem anymore, as I've just released version 1.1 which no longer depends on respawnitem.
This is basically 2.1 special stages in 2.2 levels

In 2.1, the special stages needed you to collect a certain amount of rings to get the emerald. This is basically a brief summary of that... AND I ENJOY EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT.
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