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[Reusable] Rideable Eggmobile (Or how far I'm willing to go with it)

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Wanna take an Eggmobile for a ride? Honestly I was going to program more of this but after attempting to program a laser function for this, I quickly starting losing interest. Other ideas were to have a Spawnable Spikeball shield and Active/Reactive Skullbash that did not make it in. The intent was to make this usable for CobaltBW's BattleMod, but I'm hoping someone can pick up where I'm leaving off.

Have fun with some basic Eggmobile functions though.


  • JUMP: Ascend
  • SPIN: Decend
  • TOSS FLAG: Exit Eggmobile
  • You have MF_NOGRAVITY controls while in the Eggmobile so you're only limited to how fast your character can accelerate/move.

  • The Eggmobile will always spawn above your player at approximately 4 times your height the start of every map.
  • Shooting the Eggmobile with a Missle/Ring object will cause it to dissapear.


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Welcome to releases! However, the inability to pick up rings leads to an odd interaction with Attracting...


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What's the code for the object? I have the Presents for 2.2 mod and I want to spawn the eggmobile anywhere. What's the MT_ object code?

(I don't think that's what it's called, I'm just too lazy and stupid to look it up)


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Man I wish this mod was still upgrading to 2.2 .Too bad Eggman is too fat to fit in the eggmobile

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