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Break out your Gaming Gears, Master your systems. Drifting in and taking the lead is Pointy Sonic!


His car made from 100% recycled sneaker and his voice lines are from SegaSonic. He has turning frames from all angles as well, so you can always headbang regardless of what angle you finish in.
You'll have to wait for his vanilla release before you can dab or dance though. Pointy is a good boy who always keeps both hands on the wheel at 10 and 2 at all times.
Please drift responsibly.


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Welcome to releases! Incredible spritework, and SegaSonic arcade voice clips? Good choice.
so uh, pointy sonic's gloat sfx is misnamed so meaning it plays a thok instead of his gloat sfx, as well as conflicts with dk's gloat
Updated to v3:
Secondcolor applied to car colors
Redid the vibration effect to use a dither pattern instead of vertical columns
Corrected the drift frames, which previously had their tires turning in the wrong direction
Increased brightness on the tire spinning frames
looks like tyson hesse/toei sonic so i think its pretty good... 100/10
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Updated to version 4:
New turning frames
Changes to color combos so no color is used twice
New squish frames
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One of my favorite characters to use. Gotta ask though, why does he sound like Chao when he finishes a race?
PizzaDarius25: I used TripelTheFox's secondcolor LUA script to make that happen.
Jet Kirby: That's just a thing that happens on maps with Chao next to the finish line. Sometimes their cheers drown out your character's victory quote.

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